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Denver Broncos on Defense


Champ Bailey via

Too see things from the Broncos side, be sure to check out Mile High Report.  Despite an egregious taste in football teams, they have a lot football sense over there.

While Denver has a sparkling offense, the Bronco defense is mired in mediocrity and doesn't appear to be seriously upgraded this year.  Denver will be turning to a new defensive coordinator, Bob Slowik, who is going to a more aggressive style of defense.  The defensive line has not brought a lot of pressure in passing situations, with the one exception of Elvis Dumerville who notched 12.5 sacks.  This lack of pressure ends up putting serious pressure on a blue chip secondary that includes Champ Bailey and Dre Bly.  While Bailey is getting a little long in the tooth and has perhaps lost half a step, there is definitely tread left on the tires of this perennial Pro Bowler.  His picks were off last year, but that could well be the lack of pressure.

The Bronco safeties are a little suspect.  They picked up big hitting Marlon McCree from the Chargers, while he is a big hitter and took down three picks, he gave up some big plays too.  The Broncos lost Pro Bowl safety Lynch in the preseason when it became clear to him that he would no longer start.  Manuel is the other starter at safety.

The middle linebackers are anchored by DJ Williams, he has been moved around a lot, he is now back at his preferred Weak side and seems primed to be a force there.  Unfortunately he appears to be anchoring a rowboat.  The Broncos are trying Boss Bailey who washed out of the Detroit Lions.  While the Broncos are hoping the change of scenery and his brother Champ will lead to a resurgence, he has already missed some preseason games with more knee issues.  The defense held the Raiders to 14 points, but Oakland did run for 140+ yards and the Raiders passing offense seems very out of synch.  I find Oakland's secondary to be good and so I think the Broncos passing game is for real, but Denver's defense is still a big question mark for me.  It looks like they can be had.