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Static from around the Web

Pride goeth before missing the playoffs.

Gates and Sproles might go to the Pro Bowl.  Despite being number one in QB ratings, tied for number one in passing TDs and number one in yards per catch Rivers may not make it.  Why?  Folks don't like him.  Jamal Williams will not make it?  That's capital S Stupid; the Pro Bowl is a farce.  Cromartie is still number three in fan voting?  At least that will get taken care of when coaches & players vote.

Old guys rule.  Ok maybe not rule, but contribute here and there.

The Panthers really are good; nice running game and a good defense. 

Time for the Broncos to open up another six pack of running backs; Hillis is done for the season (hat tip to Richard).

The Lions are falling apart; but can you remember a time when they weren't?

Giants win their division; but don't look terribly sharp against the Eagles.

I remember thinking when the Bolts played the Cowboys in preseason it might be a preview of the Super Bowl; now both teams could be out of the playoffs.

The Bills folded up against the Dolphins; it's hard to see them taking down Denver.