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Sunday Story

I was primed to watch the game when I got the call.  My father had to undergo emergency surgery.  Everything went well and things look good; it was funny that I didn't hear; I just knew the Chargers had won. I didn't look until this morning; everything looks brighter now.

Thank you for sharing that game here.  Everyone gets an A today.  Today we must also retire the Hochuli.  As a way to take the sting out of a tough season it was a good bit of fun, but here are the Chargers that much stronger for having overcome.  And lets give the Broncos their due; this is our rival and next year Shanahan will be back with a retooled defense.  This season has been more memorable with another team vying for the division.  I'd like to say that for an opening season; it just wouldn't have been the same without the folks over at MHR.  The Sports Guru is unalloyed class; he already has put up congratulations to the Bolts.

Next week Indy!