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Ho, Ho, Ho

It's Christmas time and these are the gifts Santa should have loaded on his sleigh for the Bolts:

For Jamal, some new knees.  This guy is tearing up offensive lines and having fun doing it.  I love the quote from him where he says one day it won't be fun anymore and he is just going to stay in bed after that. 

For Quentin Jammer, a trip to the Pro Bowl.  He isn't the sort of flashy player that makes it; but we saw that hit on Garcia and three forced fumbles, he belongs in Hawaii.

For Stephen Cooper, somebody to watch what he eats.  Seriously?  We didn't our best ILB for four games due to Ephedra?  Passes over the middle are suddenly dangerous again.

For Antonio Cromartie; some peace of mind.  I think Calipatrick had it just right, he is thinking too much.

For Malcom Floyd; a quick return.  Was there anyone having a better year climbing into a starters position? 

For Legedu Naanee; more targets.  He is going to be great if he gets more time on the field.  He has all the tools.

For Philip Rivers; not a god damned thing.  This guy has amazing talent, excellent targets, a beautiful wife and children and lets face it; he doesn't need the Pro Bowl, the Pro Bowl needs him. 

I know I have missed a lot; please add your own...