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Static from around the Web

Tis the season.

The Chargers have their shot at the division; the loss to Atlanta haunts me more than Hochuli ever did.  Malcom is still out for Sundays game; VJ is the first Charger to go over 1k yards since 2005; the first WR since 2001.

On Sunday we were all Buffalo fans.

Will the Chargers be able to steal Denver's last can of who hash?

The playoff picture; the winner of Sunday's game gets a very good Colts team coming to town.

The Brown's are a mess.  One of the DE's punched Brady Quinn, Crennel and Savage look like they are on the ropes.  This could easily be the Bolts if the players had let things spin out of control.  Everyone thought they were prima donnas that would fall apart under stress; but the center held.

Favre with nine sacks and six picks in his last four games.

Anyone watching the college bowl games; maybe keep an eye out for ILB's, OT, safeties or defensive ends.

Video on Jammer's hit.