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Static from around the Web

Do the Chargers deserve the playoffs?  If they win out and Denver loses out; it seems to me they deserve to be there more than the Broncos.  That is still very improbable.  Right now the Chargers would have to string together six wins straight; all of them against playoff caliber teams to go all the way; this is a long road.

Are the Chargers partying too hardy?  Floyd has a "little bit of a collapsed lung", and Hardwick has a concussion.  They are a little dinged up going into Tampa.

Norv didn't think they were flat in the first half at KC?  106 yards of offense?

Is Carolina the best in the NFL?  Justin Tuck says yes, they sure looked good against Denver; good enough that the network cut away on me to go to a 'competitive' game.

Michael Turner was worth the money.  Ya think?

Kansas City GM Carl Peterson resigned after Sunday's collapse against the Bolts.

Giant's Eli Manning was sacked eight times.  Wasn't he the guy that didn't want to play here because the offensive line wasn't good enough?

Fat Albert's knee will keep him out at least a few weeks; I don't see the Titans winning without him; hopefully he will be back for the playoffs.