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Chargers Rookie of the Year?

I know there's two weeks left, but I'm still planning on doing a "2008 Draft Review" this week and am interested to know your opinions as far as the best rookie for the Chargers this year. Here are some of mine.

Cason - He's been a solid nickel corner. Certainly an upgrade from Florence in my book. Good ball skills, good tackler and seems to have the ability to be in the right place at the right time. So far this year he has 60 tackles, 1 INT and 6 pass defenses.

Hester - If you weren't a diehard fan, you could've gone the first 11 weeks without knowing Hester was on the team. During that time he has 2 rushes for 3 yards and a lost fumble. I was a big fan of his in college, as he always makes playing the game look like it's fun instead of work, and am glad to see him becoming another weapon for our offense to play with.

Tolbert - He's apparently the 2nd most famous Mike Tolbert, behind this insurance agent. In 10 games of action this year he rushed 13 times for 37 yards while catching 13 passes for 171 yards. His blocking has yet to really surprise or impress anyone, but if it can progress (and I'm thinking it can because he's built like a MAC truck) he can be quite the weapon. With FBs disappearing in offenses across the country, I understand that to get a good, young one we're going to have to mold him ourselves.

Clark - Inconclusive since he hasn't seen much time on the field. He's got great size and Texas A&M puts out a lot of good offensive lineman. Right now he's stuck behind a logjam at the tackle positions (McNeil, Shelton, Clary), but if he shows promise in practice I could see him starting next year.

Applewhite - I know Applewhite technically is a 2nd year player, but he spent last year on our practice squad so I thought I'd throw him in there. He's played in 12 games this year, seeing time at OLB and special teams. He has only 16 tackles and 0.5 sacks for the year but had a big game against KC with 5 tackles and a crucial stop of Larry Johnson in the 4th quarter.