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Static from around the Web

A background piece on Ron Rivera.  Jim Trotter really doesn't think much of the move or of Norv.

The Chargers are healing up during the bye.

The Broncos suffer even more injuries.

Big Ben is hurt; but the Steelers looked tough on MNF.

Quinn gets his shot against the Broncos on Thursday; lets hope he makes the most of it.

Anybody else notice in the Colts/Pats game nobody would say, "Well damn that was stupid of Belichick."  I think he has shed like 50 IQ points since Brady went down.

The Lions are desperate and bringing in methuselah, er I mean Culpepper at QB.

The Cleveland Browns are not smart.  They don't want media attention, so they tell Winslow not to talk about having a staph infection; when he talks to explain that his balls are not in fact the size of grapefruits, they suspend him, creating all kinds of negative media attention; then they rescind the suspension because it was; well stupid.  Ummm, go Browns.

The Cowboys are imploding as fast as the Bolts.

Is Mayor Sanders softening his opposition to a stadium?