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Vote for the Bolts

While football and politics should be usually be kept separate; there are two issues that affect the Chargers this season.  For those of you that live in the city you have the opportunity to vote against our current city attorney, Mike Aguirre.  Anyone who remembers the fires last year might recall how he wanted to evacuate the entire city.  In addition to being unstable, pedantic and ineffectual; he has also stood in the way of any deal keeping the Chargers in San Diego.  If the Chargers are to have any shot at staying in San Diego; vote for Jan Goldsmith.  Jan has the worst toupee ever to grace a hirsuteless dome; but he at least isn't foaming at the mouth.

The second issue on the ballot is proposition B.  This would allow developers to explore building over the top of a sea terminal in the downtown area.  Even if passed there is no gaurantee that it would come to be in this current environmet, but it is one of the last chances for a Chargers stadium.  While there is still the Chula Vista option, the cratering of property values is making that look more and more suspect.  The combination of B passing and Aguirre getting tossed out are the best chance to keep the Chargers in San Diego.  I find voting against Aguirre to be a slam dunk; but here is a link on Prop B.  Here is what the Union-Tribune has to say.  It does seem to be a terminal with declining revenues on prime real estate; why not open it up to private venture?  So vote the straight Charger ticket; yes on B and Jan Goldsmith for City Attorney.