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Static from around the Web

The NFL assures us that Cason didn't cause a fumble, it was all an optical illusion caused by slow motion.  By the way, this kid hits.  You can tell when he is making the tackle just by the force; you don't need to see his number.

Chargers defense is looking better; but not enough for the W.

Mistakes were made, Hester was great; Cletis and Castillo are coming back.

Acee thinks the AFC West is mediocre?  No, it's just flat out bad.

Vick pleads guilty to dogfighting, I wonder who will pick him up?

Drew Brees is still lighting it up for NO.

Philly without McNabb after this season?  That can't be right.

Cowher is a popular guy.

Lelie lights up Denver.

The mild, mild west.  The Raiders are only one game back of the Bolts now.

Yes, the Pro Bowl is the most tedious sporting event ever; right after anything that has golf in it.

Anybody else feeling a good draft coming?