Ask BigBlueShoe: Week 12

Chargers fans, I'm BigBlueShoe, the head writer at SB Nation's Colts blog: Stampede Blue. It is now time for you to take a few more shots at the Colts, the team your team has beaten three straight times (including one agonizing playoff game). This Sunday, your team play my favorite team, and this FanPost offers you the opportunity to ask me questions about the Colts. Is Bob Sanders healthy? Is Peyton's knee fully recovered? Did the Colts circle this game as a revenge game? I'm happy to answer your questions as best I can.

Sometimes joining me in these Q and As is Stampede Blue's contributing writer shake n bake. This upcoming Sunday night game should be a slug fest. Both teams are fighting to stay in the playoff hunt even though both started the season as everyone's favorite to win their respective divisions. But injuries and bad luck had both these teams stumble early.

Looking forward to the game and answering your questions. I often enjoyed reading DaBolts' FanPosts over at Mile High Report, and i'm thrilled he has his own Chargers blog now. Ask away.

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