Season Over???

After yesterday most everyone might think so.  The Chargers sure have figured out how to lose and the mighty Broncos have a two game lead with only six games left.  But I still have hope.  And you should too.

At the beginning of this season I was more excited with hope of a Championship than any season before.  This excitement was based on the Chargers talent.  Now across the board every aspect of our team has taken a step in the wrong direction, with perhaps the exception of Rivers (even after yesterday).   But I still think the Bolts have enough talent to at least take the division.  Yesterday we even saw signs of life out of the Defense.  The Question is will all this sometimes hidden talent show up for the final six games?

If the Chargers manage one more victory than the Broncos over the next five games and do not lose any divisional games the season will come down to December 28.  The final game here against the Broncos would decide the divisional winner.  Does that sound impossible?  Not really.  So I still have hope, and you should too.

Football is the hardest sport on fans.  With Baseball and its 162 games there is always tomorrow. In baseball, if your team sucks it’s a slow death that is easier to cope with.  In football a season can go from optimism to tragedy in a single play.  If the Chargers season is now over it lasted all but two months.  And I for one refuse to wait 10 months for another season to start.

And think about this:  The last few years we’ve been accustomed to winning.  We expect it.  But take yourself back to the seasons pre 2004.  Those seasons were over in the first few weeks.  I’d take this season over any Ryan Leaf season in a heartbeat.  Sack up Charger Fans!  And SHOW ME YOUR LIGHTNING BOLT!

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