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Static from around the Web

LT wants to run the ball, who would have guessed?  Perhaps they just need to brush up on their Nietzsche and regain that will to run.

There will be no cupcake in Pittsburgh.  Some are saying Big Ben is too hurt to be playing.

Pats may have to go without Adalius Thomas.  He made some bad moves in the Colts game, but give the devil his due; Belichick has the Pats at 6-3.

Singletary's 49ers come up just short on Monday night.  I wonder who picks the Monday night matchups?  How many folks are dying to watch those 49ers?

The Jets are wheeling out Ty Law for their game against New England.

The Redskins pick up a corner at Al Davis' fire sale.  Maybe we could get an inside linebacker and safety to go...