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Midseason Adjustments

Since we are on the bye, I thought it would be fun to look at who we would like to see have more time on the field.  My picks are below, but add who you would like to see more of in the second half of 2008 in the comments.

Paul Oliver
Oliver was an academic dismissal that we took in the 2007 supplemental draft; which cost the Bolts a fourth round choice in the 2008 draft.  Though he bombed out academically he scored well on his Wonderlic test so the problem doesn't seem to have been brains but motivation.  Oliver did not see the field much in 2007, he was originally drafted with the thought that he would be a corner, but has been a little too slow for that position.  After a year and a half, with Hart struggling in coverage it seems like time to see if this was a wise choice.  Given he came as a corner, he ought to have better coverage skills against tight ends.

Anthony Waters
Waters was picked up in the third round as a project.  He needed knee surgery, but the Chargers thought they might be getting a real bargain if he recovered and played up to the potential prior to his injury.  He looked primed to go in the preseason and there was a lot of hype, but he also had some minor clean up surgery on his knee and didn't live up to expectations.  He has seen the field some this year at outside linebacker, but with Wilhelm struggling as much he is it seems to me we should try getting him some more downs at the inside and see what he can do. 

Legedu Naanee
Originally when drafted they thought about playing Naanee at tight end and halfback, but finally have put him at wide receiver.  He had a key catch in the playoffs against the Colts and seems to have a lot of athletic talent.  With VJ, Chambers and Floyd all playing well it is hard to break in, but either Chambers or VJ is likely not long for the Chargers, I think they should be getting him more time this year to prepare for the future.

Jacob Hester
We gave up a second rounder (which may end up being worth more than we thought the way this season is playing out) for this kid.  Sproles has the ankle sprain, LT has the toe thing; he fumbled his second try out but shouldn't he be getting at least a few touches per game?