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Static from around the Web

The Chargers sound fairly upbeat still, happy to be on the bye.

LT & Gates seem like themselves, Cromartie is still battling a hip stinger.

Changing of the gaurd? The Titans take down the Colts who have looked almost as bad as the Bolts this season.

Covering up steroid use, or just watching their girlish figures?

These Jets should not be playing with concussions. A good article by an SBN poster here, follow the links from the comments too.

Singletary is not going to pay a lot for this muffler. More here, I like a coach that will call out a player acting like a doofus.

The Falcons get a bad call too. Is it me or are there a lot more of these this year?

Larry Johnson needs a few chivalry lessons.

Loose lips sink Giants.