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How do the Bolts beat the Bills?

The Chargers need to show up with energy for the full sixty minutes, they did last week against New England and it showed.  The offense should test the banged up Bill secondary, which means the Pass blocking also needs to be stout in protecting Rivers.  If Terrence McGee starts, I'm very interested to see how he does against our receivers with a serious height advantage.  Football Outsiders indicates that the number one receiver and running backs should fare better in the passing game, but it's important to remember that Terrence McGee didn't play against the Cardinals when Buffalo's secondary melted down.  With the job Floyd did against NE, I'm expecting Floyd to start at wide receiver.  It seems prudent to test the running game, but with LT and Sproles still not 100%, it will largely just be setting up the pass.  The Chargers need to control the ball more; the deep plays are great but they are really exposing the defense that hasn't always been able to answer the bell.

On defense hopefully Jamal remembers to pack his knees; the matchup against the Bills center Melvin Fowler looks like a great one (though there may be a backup as Fowler is injured).  If he brings it like he did last week, it should make the running up the middle impossible.  The defense needs to be aggressive with Man to Man coverage and bringing blitzes.  The Bills deep threat is Lee Evans; Jammer should be placed on him exclusively to just take that threat away.  The Bills tight ends have anemic receiving stats; but we have made some awfully average talent look like Pro Bowlers; the Bolts have to get better coverage and somebody remind them to chip the tight ends at the line of scrimmage.  I'd like to see more Dobbins and Waters in the middle; less Wilhelm unless it's a passing down. 

On special teams it would be huge to break one for Sproles, and on the flip side the Chargers must contain the Bills punt returner.  The Bills punter Moorman is terrific so there is no advantage there.  Jumping out to a two score lead early would take a lot of pressure of the defense by letting them focus on the passing attack.  All right, that's my blue print, what's yours?