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Cromartie Speaks

On the difference is makes as a corner when the defensive line provides so much pressure:
“It makes a big difference. It makes our job a whole lot easier. We can have a time clock in our head of how fast the ball is going to come out. When you apply pressure the ball comes out faster. It gives us DBs a chance to make plays on the ball…badly thrown balls or under thrown balls.”
On playing better in coverage:
“I only got thrown at, I think, once the whole game, so I can’t say I played…I feel like these past three games I’ve been playing pretty good coverage. I’ve just been basically trying to work on my technique. I’m still dealing with my hip. Yesterday I felt a lot more comfortable than I ever did in the past four games. So it’s been going well with rehab and things like that.”
On how different the Patriots looked with Cassel:
“With Cassel, you can tell he’s never been in that predicament. This is his first time, I think, trailing from behind. You can tell the difference between him and Tom Brady because Brady knew what he wanted to do and things like that. He is a lot more comfortable in the pocket.”
On defending the deep part of the field:
“We went out and just played the way we were supposed to play. As a secondary we were a lot more comfortable, we communicated a lot more. That helps out a lot when you’re out there communicating, it makes things easier and everyone is on the same page.”
On if there is a correlation between Cassel being in there and him not getting any balls thrown to his side:
“No. If you look back at the playoffs, I didn’t get thrown to either back in the AFC Championship game. I don’t see anything. They came at me one when we were in a Zero Blitz. It was an overthrown ball. I was beat then, but I don’t see anything that they changed.”
On what kind of pride he takes in knowing they shut down one of the best receivers in the league:
“We just go out and do our job everyday. That’s what we’re supposed to do. We feel like we have two of the best corners in the NFL playing the position and we play at a high level right now.”
On the goal-line stand:
“Oh, man. That felt good. I think that goal line stand took a lot out of New England. They’re down on the two-yard line and couldn’t get in the endzone. I feel that are confidence and knowing what we’re capable of doing every single week.”
On the play that got the Patriots down to the two-yard line:
“The one I got ran over on? I have to make that tackle. I’ve been working hard this whole season and offseason working on tackling and it’s unfortunate I didn’t make that tackle. The defense that went in on goal line, they stood strong and we kept them out the endzone.”
On Quentin Jammer’s performance:
“He’s having a Pro Bowl performance. He’s playing like a Pro Bowler every single week. He’s a consistent corner, playing the way he’s supposed to play. You never get anything different from Jammer every single week. To me, he’s the most consistent corner that I’ve ever seen since I’ve been playing in the NFL, every single week, week in and week out.”
On being leery about the very long two-game road trip:
“No. I think it’s going to be fun. There’s a lot of doubters out there saying we can’t play on the road, and now it’s time to shut them up. We just have to go out there and have fun and play like we play last night. Who knows what the outcome will be?”
On rattling Cassel:
“With our front seven we feel like we can rattle any quarterback. It’s just a point of going out and doing the things we’re supposed to do and playing the way we’re supposed to play.”
On what he’s looking forward to in London:
“I just want to go sight seeing. I’m going to buy a digital camera and a video camera. I just want to enjoy it. It’s my first time going to London. I just want to go over there and enjoy it with my teammates and have fun.”
On media in London:
“I don’t know. I’m just looking forward to going over there, period.”
On the fans in London being neutral:
“I think it’s going to be exciting. I think it’s going to be like high school football, everybody is for everybody. You can’t take a game too seriously. You have to go out and have fun and enjoy it.”