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Static from around the Web

Hester seems appropriately humble about his two carries and one fumble.

Good matchups and an early lead, whats not to like?

Tomlinson on the Bolts woeful running game.  Also Waters played some against NE, did anyone notice how he did?  It looks good for Jyles Tucker and Chambers coming back against Buffalo.

Michael Silver harshes New England's mellow.  He also talks about Rivers.

Speaking of whom, check out this; Rivers #1, Brees #2 (Cutler 10, Eli 13, I'm just sayin').

A New England report card you would be hiding from mom; Denver gets them next.  You know that first drive they had of the second half was good; but I shudder to think what Brandon Marshall is going to make of D. O'Neal.

Norv getting props for his coaching.

Anyone else take a bit of joy in watching the Browns picking off Eli?  No, me either...

Romo broke his mojo.

I like having a little fun with 'the Hochuli', but Joey Porter is just making stuff up.

Today is the trading deadline, there don't seem to be any Charger rumors.

Pro Bowl balloting is up.  Rivers and Jammer are on the ballot; vote early and often.