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BFTB Mapping Project, version 2


An interactive map of BFTB's staff and readers, and their locations from around the world.

A Call to Lurkers: Join BFTB Today!


Our standard bi-annual call for lurkers to come out and start enjoying the best part of BFTB: The comments!

Little Fam, Big Fans - BFTB's New Street Team


Introducing the Littles and their plan to provide BFTB with warm and fuzzy stories about the Chargers in the community. Awww...

Meet the new BFTB Writers!


As is annual tradition, the BFTB staff is being refreshed. Some are staying, some are going, and 11 new writers are being added to the staff. Come and meet them all.

Would you like to write about the Chargers?


Have you ever wanted to be a part of the BFTB writing staff? Now is your chance to apply to blog about the San Diego Chargers!

The BFTB OC Meetup was a Success


A bunch of readers, writers, commenters and lurkers from BFTB got together to watch a game together, and it was the best game of the season for the San Diego Chargers. Coincidence?

OC Meetup: Let's watch some football together!


This Sunday, the San Diego Chargers travel to Kansas City to take on the 9-1 Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. Before the game, you should travel to Orange County to participate in BFTB's first ever OC...

MEETUP: Chargers-Cardinals preseason game


Do you have plans for Saturday night? Well, now you do! Hang out with the BFTB community while watching the San Diego Chargers take on the Arizona Cardinals in the most important preseason game of...

It's Time for BFTB's Fantasy Football Leagues

Want to be a part of BFTB's fantasy football leagues? Here's your chance.

BFTB Meetup: Chargers Fan Fest at Qualcomm Stadium


Come hang out with BFTB writers, readers, lurkers and commenters during Saturday afternoon's Chargers practice at Qualcomm Stadium.


How to run the Chargers 5K like an idiot


John Gennaro seems to screw up running the San Diego Chargers' "Bolt to the Q" 5K every year. Find out what went wrong in 2013.


On Solving The Hat Crisis, And Becoming A Man

The Land of Real Beer has opinions on BFTB's "hat eating" situation, and he thinks he knows how to find a solution.

Hat Eating Time


BFTB Map Project: Leave Your Mark on the World


We know we have readers and members from all over the world, here's your chance to represent your corner of the globe.

Is BFTB littered with negativity?


A very special rant-filled edition of BFTB After Dark.

Lurkers: Come out, come out, wherever you are


A call to all of BFTB's "lurkers" that do not comment to join in the conversation.

The New BFTB Writers Are Awesome


Recapping the first week with the new writers that have been added to BFTB's staff. Which one is your favorite thus far?

Introducing the New BFTB Writers


Bolts from the Blue has added 10 new writers to the staff and it's time for the faithful audience to meet them.

Do You Want to Join the BFTB Staff?


Bolts from the Blue is looking for new writers to add to the staff to write about the San Diego Chargers during the weekend. Are you interested? Fill out the form today!

APRIL FOOLS: Doug Manchester Purchases Vox Media


Doug Manchester, Owner of the U-T San Diego, has purchased Vox Media for an undisclosed amount. What does this mean for the future of BFTB?

SAVE THE DATE: Today is the Date (Video Podcast!)


The very first BFTB live video podcast is tonight! Are you planning on attending?

TOMORROW: The Most Fun You've Ever Had


Tomorrow evening, BFTB tries something new: live video podcasting, with lots of audience interaction. Are you ready?

The New Bolts from the Blue: Constantly Improving


The product team at SB Nation continue improve the websites based on your feedback.

Feedback: How Do You Like the New BFTB?


After a solid week of change, it's time for you guys to let us know what you think of the site's new design and features.

Big Things Coming: SB Nation United and Bolts from the Blue


Bolts from the Blue, along with the rest of SB Nation, is getting overhauled. Here are most of the details.

Happy Birthday, Bolts from the Blue


Tomorrow, when we'll all probably be busy watching college football, Bolts from the Blue is turning four years old. The beginnings were meager. A two-paragraph post from a die-hard San Diego...

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