The Football Sunday Collector

Interview w/ AFL scholar and collector Todd Tobias


Todd Tobias is the author, collector and scholar of all-things related to the American Football League and the San Diego Chargers. This recent interview I conducted with him and is, what I intend...

1989 NFL "Pro Set" San Diego Chargers Cards


While clearly a dated set, easily pinned to the late 80's, this was the first of the NFL Pro Set and has long been a favorite among collectors. Here are the cards that make up the San Diego...

"White Hot" San Diego Chargers trading cards


The San Diego Chargers are planning on going for a "white-out" on Monday night against the Texans, wearing white uniforms and pants to go with their while helmets and white shoes. To celebrate,...

Theme of the Preseason: 2 Rivers Cards & A "Bambi"


It's that time again, namely, time time to bring the Chargers memorabilia, relegated to closets and the work office back to front-and-center...

The Ryan Mathews Pentafecta


Collecting cards is all about the simple joy of obtaining pieces of cardboard. But, what happens when the collector feels up to more of a challenge? Enter the cardboard vortex that is the...

My Favorite Chargers Fan: A Tribute To My Dad


Since starting The Football Sunday Collector posts I've been looking forward to introducing cards from the Coryell era. Today, the anniversary of my father's passing, I'm paying tribute to my dad's...

Blood, Butts 'n Glory - 1991 Marion Butts UD Cards


Cards from the "junk wax" era, that period in the 1980's and 1990's when the card industry was cranking out way too much, affords the collector a lot of fun. Here are two such cards...

Football Sunday Collector: Melvin Ingram


Melvin Ingram, though part of the rookie class last year, still has cards that are quite affordable and are great additions to any Chargers card collection.

Collecting the 2013 Chargers Draft Picks


If you're a card collector, watching the draft goes hand-in-hand with checking Ebay prices on the new stock added to the roster. Now's the time to pick up the base cards of Fluker, Te'o and Allen,...

Aces High with "Natrone Bomb" Means


The "Natrone Bomb" would help lead the Chargers to the Super Bowl in 1994. The following year Fleer would pay tribute to this with a painted football card.


Bolts Ballers: The 1965 Topps "Tallboys"


In 1965, Topps would create some of the most recognizable cards ever released. Lucky for us, the Chargers are some of the best looking from the release. Let's take a look at some of the historic...

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