San Diego Chargers Team Analysis

Who will catch your eye receiving this preseason?

Bryan Walters, Mike Willie, and Dan DePalma. We Bolts fans have had brief August bromances with these receivers over the last three pre-seasons. Is there another receiver camp body that catches our...

Four Questions heading into camp for the Chargers

A Four Down Discussion of the biggest questions the San Diego Chargers face heading into training camp.

Which safety should start next to Weddle?


Taking a look at the game film from last season to determine who should be the starting Strong Safety for the San Diego Chargers in 2014: Jahleel Addae or Marcus Gilchrist?

Most Valuable Chargers #10: King Dunlap


Why King Dunlap is the tenth most valuable Charger

Is Brandon Flowers a Top-10 Cornerback?

Kyle Posey looks at the film and spells it all out, showing us just what the Chargers got in Brandon Flowers, and how much of an upgrade he is to the defense.

Do the Chargers still have depth issues?


The San Diego Chargers made the playoffs last season, but will they have issues with depth heading into this year?

Mike McCoy Shifts the Chargers Culture


Mike McCoy did something last season that no new Charger Head Coach has done in franchise history. Does this accomplishment mean bigger and better things for the Chargers in the future?

CBA 101: How to Calculate an NFL Team's Salary Cap

Part four in an ongoing series meant to demystify the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL and the NFLPA in preparation for Free Agency and the 2014 NFL Draft.

The Chargers Should Draft a CB in the First Round


Last week we discussed why the Chargers should draft an offensive lineman. This week we look at why San Diego should draft a Cornerback with the 25th pick.

Domination, regression or status quo 2014?


Vote on The Chargers' expected wins in 2014.


VOTE: What to do with Derek Cox?

Armchair General Managers, it's now your chance to have your say.

Chargers should bolster OL through draft, not FA


Taking stock of the current Chargers situation at Offensive Line, and how they can best address it during the offseason.

A lack of talent is not the issue on Defense


Kyle Posey uses the Seattle Seahawks to highlight what they did right on defense in their Super Bowl, and how it shines a spotlight on what the San Diego Chargers did wrong on Defense in 2013.

2014 Offseason Position Preview: Running Back

Examining the 2014 San Diego Chargers' tight end position, including possible offseason moves.

2014 Offseason Position Preview: Tight End

Examining the tight end position for the 2014 San Diego Chargers, including possible offseason moves.

Divisional Playoff Grades: Chargers at Broncos

The Broncos ride dominant performances from their offensive and defensive lines, and flip the script on Mike McCoy's control the ball strategy to end the Chargers' Cinderella playoff run.

Three Things Chargers Must Do On Offense to Win


Kyle Posey picks out three key things the Chargers offense must do to beat the Broncos.

Three Things Chargers Must Do on Defense to Win


Kyle Posey picks out three key things the Chargers defense must do to beat the Broncos.

2013 Chargers are eerily similar to the 2006 Colts


There are a lot of similarities between the 2013 San Diego Chargers and the Super Bowl Champion 2006 Indianapolis Colts

Wildcard Playoff Grades: Chargers at Bengals

Mike McCoy and Marvin Lewis play a game of Texas Hold 'Em. McCoy holds an ace in the hole, while Lewis holds a 6 of clubs. McCoy tricks Lewis into going All-In with Andy Dalton, and takes home a...

Was Mike McCoy's First Season a Success?

Based on what we've seen this season, Mike McCoy appears to be at least a league-average Head Coach. If he continues to learn from mistakes, and improves as a game manager, he could become one of...

Week 17 Grades: Chiefs at Chargers


I'm still somewhere between euphoric and exhausted. Yes, the Chargers didn't play a great game, yet somehow managed to win their most important regular season game in about 5 years and are headed...

How Many Chargers Deserve to Make the Pro Bowl?


Kyle Posey tells you which Chargers should make the Pro Bowl, based off of traditional and advanced stats

Week 16 Grades: Raiders at Chargers


The Chargers overcome another shaky 1st half against their rivals from the north, and manage to remain alive for a playoff berth thanks to some help from Buffalo and New England.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Week 16


Reviewing the week 16 victory over the Raiders- What was good, what was bad, and what was downright ugly?

Why Keenan Allen deserves Rookie of the year award

San Diego's Keenan Allen and Green Bay's Eddie Lacy are the front runners for Offensive Rookie of the year. Who deserves it more?

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