San Diego Chargers Stadium

Polling Casts Doubt on a New Stadium in San Diego

According to a recent poll taken by residents of San Diego and San Diego County, the chances of the Chargers getting a new stadium using public money are somewhere between slim and none.

Can a mixed-use stadium work for San Diego?


Could San Diego combine a new stadium downtown with a convention center expansion? Also, what's going on with the Raiders and Los Angeles?

A look back at San Diego's last stadium project


San Diego fans and voters have adopted a "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me" attitude towards the Chargers’ efforts to get a new stadium, quite likely because they once...

The San Diego Chargers need Los Angeles


Let's take a look at how the Chargers feel about the Los Angeles market. It's not unlike how one might view their mistress, especially one who might be getting remarried in the near future.

Both Mayoral candidates failed Chargers fans


When it comes to the stadium debate, both David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer missed a key opportunity to separate themselves from their predecessors, and from each other.

The UT's sales pitch for a new San Diego stadium

Doug Manchester and John Lynch, under the guise of a seemingly innocuous UT San Diego Editorial, have in fact started their latest push for a new stadium in earnest, behind Kevin Faulconer's...

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: Who's Your Man?


The City of San Diego is holding a special election on Tuesday the 19th to identify the candidates who will have the opportunity to replace ex-mayor Bob Filner. Where do they stand on a new stadium...

How big should a new Chargers stadium be?


Any speculation on a new football stadium for San Diego and the San Diego Chargers should center on what exactly needs to be built. It's something like a Goldilocks quest: in this case, not too...

Whose fault will it be if the Chargers leave town?


Chargers fans don't trust the Spanos family, and not without reason. For almost 30 years, this lack of trust (along with a helping of cavalier disregard) is fundamentally why the Chargers can't get...

What's the actual cost of a new Chargers stadium?


What does the funding for a new Chargers stadium in San Diego really look like? What are the team's other options?


Nobody knows how to pay for new Chargers stadium


The Chargers really want a new stadium in San Diego, they just don't know how to pay for one.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: The Rules of the Game


The NFL released a memo to all 32 teams laying out the league's framework for any franchise that wishes to move to LA, and we might as well discuss how it affects the Chargers.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: This Is the Song that Never Ends...


Unfortunately, San Diego's stadium issue has turned into a political song that repeats the same verse over and over again.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: Recent Developments


We'll take a brief look at the latest information regarding the Chargers. We'll also take a brief glimpse at what's happening in San Francisco, St. Louis, and Minnesota.

Some Crazy People Tried to Arrest Mayor Jerry Sanders for Snapdragon Stadium Renaming


Occupy San Diego tried to place Mayor Jerry Sanders under citizen's arrest this morning for the temporary renaming of Qualcomm Stadium.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: The Union Tribune’s Vision


The San Diego Union Tribune dives into the stadium debate with a plan of their own. How much of the plan holds water?

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: 2012 and the Upcoming Apocalypse


As with Norv Turner and A.J. Smith, it appears that 2012 will be the make-or-break season for the Chargers and the city of San Diego.

The San Diego Chargers Will Play In San Diego in 2012


The annual saga in San Diego has been resolved early this year as the team announces they'll stay in San Diego for at least another year.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings... Convention Center or Stadium? Both? Neither?


The Chargers' idea that the stadium could serve as a supplement to a Convention Center expansion has been floated before, but Fabiani takes it a step further this time.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: Mayor Sanders' Road Trip


Mayor Sanders tours Denver, Indianapolis, and Kansas City, hoping to get ideas for a new Chargers stadium. Hey, any new idea is a good one at this point.

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: The Nightmare is Taking Shape


Los Angeles gets closer to a new stadium. Is it inevitable that the Chargers will become their 1st tenant?

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: Revenue Sources


With redevelopment revenues all but ruled out, how will San Diego and the Chargers pay for a new stadium?

Who Does Los Angeles Belong To?


Should the Chargers (and the Raiders) get compensated if they don't move to Los Angeles?

The NFL Salary Floor and How It Might Keep the Chargers in San Diego


How could the reported new terms of the CBA help San Diego?

Chargers Stadium Ideas: The One, The Only, The Q


Could renovating Qualcomm Stadium be a win-win for the Chargers, their fans and the city of San Diego?

Stadium Thoughts and Musings: The Hit List is Out.


At long last after several weeks, if not months (or years), we finally have a list of the teams that are being targeted for possible relocation to Los Angeles

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