San Diego Chargers Players

Good and Bad - Chargers' QBs against Seattle

While I keep reminding myself that Friday's poor showing in Seattle was "Just A Preseason Game," I wanted to share a few thoughts about the Chargers' QBs.

Manti Te'oles (Pt 1): Explaining the LB Roles

In the first part of the four part series on Manti Te'o, Stephen Hwang explains the roles of the Mike linebacker in the 4-3 defense and Ted linebacker in the 3-4 defense.

Chargers' Sophomore Player Improvements


Kyle Posey breaks down what the Chargers' many second year players need to improve upon.

Three Areas Where Ryan Mathews Can Improve

Mathews is the best ball carrier on this team, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.

San Diego Chargers UDFA Watch: Alden Darby

We took a look at former Arizona State safety Alden Darby to evaluate his strengths, weaknesses and tell you the chances of him making the regular season roster.

Most Valuable Chargers: #1 Philip Rivers


Was there any doubt about who the most valuable San Diego Chargers player was going to be? It's the leader, the captain, and the best QB in team history: Philip Rivers.

Most Valuable Chargers: #2 Eric Weddle

As the list of the top 10 most valuable Chargers begins to wrap up, the heart and soul of the Bolts defense comes in at number 2.

Most Valuable Chargers: #3 Keenan Allen

Heading into the 2014 season, Keenan Allen has proven that he is already the most valuable weapon in the San Diego Chargers passing offense. The team can't afford a sophomore slump from him.

Most Valuable Chargers: #4 Corey Liuget


As we get closer to the top of the list of the most valuable San Diego Chargers, we meet Corey Liuget, the guy who makes the whole defense run.

Most Valuable Chargers: #5 Nick Hardwick


San Diego Chargers center Nick Hardwick flirted with retirement over the offseason, but the team needs him if they're going to get back to the playoffs this season.


Most Valuable Chargers: #6 DJ Fluker

DJ Fluker struggled in 2013 when moving over to left tackle, but the second year right tackle will make a big impact in 2014 in both the passing and rushing game. He is already the team’s sixth...

Most Valuable Chargers: #7 Dwight Freeney

Dwight Freeney isn’t getting any younger, but he is the only established edge rusher that the San Diego Chargers have.

Most Valuable Chargers: #8 Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers, who has yet to take a snap as a San Diego Charger, is already one of the most valuable players on the roster.

Most Valuable Chargers: #9 Ladarius Green


As we make our way through the list of most valuable San Diego Chargers, we get to Ladarius Green at #9. Find out why the team cannot afford to lose this offensive matchup nightmare.

Is Brandon Flowers a Top-10 Cornerback?

Kyle Posey looks at the film and spells it all out, showing us just what the Chargers got in Brandon Flowers, and how much of an upgrade he is to the defense.

Time for the Class of 2012 to Shine


Did AJ Smith leave the Chargers a nice parting gift before he was fired following the 2012 season? We will find out this year.

The San Diego Chargers Softball Team


A few San Diego Chargers players have been secretly playing on a softball team in town and we have exclusive pictures from their first loss of the season.

It's time to release Jeromey Clary


With yesterday's news that San Diego Chargers OG Jeromey Clary is recovering from offseason surgery, it's time for the team to move on.

San Diego Chargers in Contract Years


Which San Diego Chargers players will be playing in the final year of their contract with the team during the upcoming season?

Will RB Branden Oliver make the Chargers roster?


RB Branden Oliver was just inked to a two-year deal, but what are his odds of actual making the team?

What drives Philip Rivers?


Fame, wealth, and living the dream so few people get to live. For Philip Rivers, playing football is special, but ranks third in what he cares about. A recent commencement speech offers us a rare...

Five Chargers that need to take the next step


Taking a look at the second and third-year players that the San Diego Chargers need to have breakout seasons if they're to get back to the playoffs next year.

Will WR Tevin Reese make the Chargers roster?


Kyle Posey breaks down how Tevin Reese can contribute to the San Diego Chargers, and what his chances are to make the team.

Is Troutman the future at guard for the Chargers?

Kyle Posey analyzes Johnnie Troutman's play in the 2013-14 NFL season to see if he can be a future starter for the San Diego Chargers.

Remnants of A.J. Smith on the Chargers roster


This isn't quite Tom Telesco's San Diego Chargers just yet. First, he needs to rid his roster of the mistakes of A.J. Smith.

The curious case of Chargers WR Danario Alexander


It's time for San Diego Chargers fans to wish WR Danario Alexander well in his life and live with the hard truth that he won't be returning to the team any time soon.

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