San Diego Chargers Offseason

Which free agent might the Chargers sign?


After making a few roster moves over the last week, the San Diego Chargers now have a comfortable amount of salary cap space heading into the season. Might they sign one of the still available free...

What does June 1st mean for the Chargers?


An important date in the NFL offseason is here. With lots of NFL teams making roster moves today, what might the San Diego Chargers front office do?

Why the Chargers Will Return to the Playoffs


After a surprising trip to the playoffs in 2013, here is why the Chargers can come back with another strong season and a trip to the playoffs.

Why the Chargers Won't Return to the Playoffs


The Chargers had a fairly surprising turnaround in 2013, reaching the postseason for the first time since 2009. Here is why they won't be so lucky again.

What questions remain about the Chargers roster?


Free agency has come and gone, as has the 2014 NFL Draft, so now would be a good time to figure out which questions remain about the San Diego Chargers roster heading into training camp.

Reviewing Tom Telesco's 2nd Offseason


Year two begins for Tom Telesco and the San Diego Chargers, and so far, he's had himself a quiet off-season, again.

San Diego Chargers Offseason: What's the Plan?


The San Diego Chargers have been extremely quiet this offseason. With a long time to go before the real games begin, what is general manager Tom Telesco's plan? It starts with building around their...

Chargers 2014 Free Agency Round-up


A full run-down of everything that has (and hasn't) happened with the San Diego Chargers during the 2014 NFL Free Agency period.

What's left in free agency for the Chargers?


The San Diego Chargers have limited cap space and there aren't a ton of free agents that are still available. Is there a deal out there to be made?

Grading the Chargers' 1st day of Free Agency


We're giving out grades for the first day of free agency for the San Diego Chargers, which was probably better than you think.


San Diego Chargers re-sign Darrell Stuckey

The San Diego Chargers announce that they have re-signed Special Teams ace Darrell Stuckey to a multi-year deal.

Derek Cox to Be Released by Chargers

After just one (disastrous) season with the team, the Chargers have informed Derek Cox that he will be released.

VOTE: What to do with Derek Cox?

Armchair General Managers, it's now your chance to have your say.

OPINION: The Perfect San Diego Chargers Offseason

What do the Chargers need to do over the next few months to build the team into a major contender?

San Diego Chargers Free Agency: Cornerbacks


Kyle Posey looks through the unrestricted free agent Cornerbacks available this offseason to try and find one that the San Diego Chargers might want to sign to be their #1.

The 2014 NFL Combine is Underway!

The NFL Combine began on Wednesday as players started arriving in Indianapolis. On-field workouts begin Saturday. Here is everything you need to know to prepare for the Combine.

Chargers should bolster OL through draft, not FA


Taking stock of the current Chargers situation at Offensive Line, and how they can best address it during the offseason.

Free Agency: WRs the Chargers Should Consider


Kyle Posey finds four potential targets for the San Diego Chargers as they head into free agency looking to bolster their group of wide receivers.

Free Agency: RBs the Chargers Should Consider


The San Diego Chargers will be looking to replace Ronnie Brown and possibly create a backup plan if Ryan Mathews leaves next year. Can they do that through this offseason's crop of free agents?

Which San Diego Chargers player might be released?


Looking through the 2014 salaries and dead money of the San Diego Chargers to see which players are on the chopping block for Tom Telesco this offseason.

2013 San Diego Chargers Review: Fans


John Gennaro looks back at the 2013-14 San Diego Chargers season and sees real growth in the fanbase. Could this be the beginning of a groundswell of support for the team to stay in San Diego?

2014 Offseason Position Preview: Running Back

Examining the 2014 San Diego Chargers' tight end position, including possible offseason moves.

2013 San Diego Chargers Review: General Manager


Looking back at his first year as General Manager, just how good was Tom Telesco and what is his vision for the future of the San Diego Chargers roster?

2013 San Diego Chargers Review: Coaches


The San Diego Chargers coaching staff was much better in 2013 than it was in 2012. We try to figure out why that is, and what changed to help the team win a playoff game.

2014 Offseason Position Preview: Tight End

Examining the tight end position for the 2014 San Diego Chargers, including possible offseason moves.

Improving the Chargers Roster: Part 2


Tom Telesco's first year with the San Diego Chargers went very well, but that doesn't mean that fans are about to cut him any slack. He'll need a strong offseason to improve the team, and we're...

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