NFL Power Rankings

Power Rankings Consensus: Colts 4th, Chargers not

The Chargers are embarrassed by the Raiders, so naturally they drop. Houston and Carolina can't seem to get it together this year.

Power Rankings: AFC West is Strongest Division?

A quarter of the way through the season, we're starting to get a clearer picture on just where teams stack up in the league.

Power Rankings Consensus: Chargers Settling

It was all but certain the NFC was going to continue to be the dominant division in 2013. The rankings indicate that's no longer the case.

Power Rankings Consensus: Chargers climb quickly

The San Diego Chargers shocked the world by taking down Chip Kelly's "unstoppable" offense this past Sunday? They were rewarded handsomely by the power rankers.

NFL Power Ranking Consensus: Chargers need work

After all the teams have played just one game, perceptions have been changed and teams are moving all over the board. This isn't the last time teams will be on the move.

2013 NFL Power Rankings Consensus: Week 1

The 2013 NFL regular season is upon us! On this eve of the greatest day of the year, we go around and see what the perception is of all 32 NFL teams.

Power Rankings Consensus: Where do Chargers rank?


We're kicking off the preseason with one of the community's favorite columns: our Power Rankings analysis.

Power Rankings Consensus: How far has SD climbed?

How impressive was the Chargers win over the Jets on Sunday? More impressive than you might think.

Power Rankings Consensus: Chargers aren't so great

Chargers are holding steady in the bottom-quarter of the league. Meanwhile the Redskins are surging.

Power Rankings Consensus: Chargers climbing again

The Chargers pulled something off they never have before: they won in Pittsburgh in the regular season. Were the Power Rankings kind to the Chargers this week due to that accomplishment?

Power Rankings Consensus: Parity has Returned

After a 3-week break, the Power Ranking Consensus is back!

Power Rankings Consensus: Chargers rising?

The Chargers actually rose in some rankings this week? How is that possible?

Power Rankings Consensus: Chargers Movin' on Up

The Chargers are on the move, and it's in an upward direction!

Power Rankings Consensus: Chiefs are the Worst

The Chargers lost to the Browns on Sunday. Naturally that means they're now the worst team in the NFL, right? Wrong!

Power Rankings Consensus: Chargers fall slightly

Were the rankings kind to the Chargers during their bye week? Were they unusually harsh? Let's find out!

NFL Power Rankings: Not all bad news for Chargers

With the Texans finally losing a game, they've conceded the top spot to the Atlanta Falcons. But do the Falcons really belong at the top? My sources say "no."

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