NFL Draft

Draft Time: Evaluating the Offensive Tackles

The San Diego Chargers are definitely in the market for an Offensive Tackle. How might they be able to fill that hole via the draft? Here are the options.

Prospect Profile: Margus Hunt

CrimeTime31 digs in his heels to find out the answer to the most important question heading into the 2013 NFL Draft: Is Margus Hunt a freak athlete from Estonia or an unfrozen caveman from Southern...

It's Draft Week!

BFTB will be the one-stop shop for news and analysis on the 2013 NFL Draft for fans of the San Diego Chargers. Here's everything we have planned for the coming week.

NFL Draft: Who is Undervalued and Overvalued?


Most of us can agree that the positions of need for the Chargers are Left Tackle, Guard, Cornerback, Inside Linebacker, a Pass Rushing Linebacker, Safety and Nose Tackle. While many debate which...

Prospect Profile: Desmond Trufant


The strengths and weaknesses of a Cornerback that the San Diego Chargers could draft in the first round to replace Quentin Jammer.

Mock Drafts: A Thorough Evaluation


Aggregating and examining historical mock draft data to determine how accurate Mel Kiper, Mike Mayock, Todd McShay and many others have been with their mock drafts in the past.

The San Diego Chargers Should Draft Barrett Jones


One of our new writers pours out his heart in an effort to free himself of an unhealthy, forbidden attraction. Yes, SDNativeinTX is smitten with desire for the Bolts to draft a Center with a busted...

The Chargers Would Be Nuts to Trade Up


Mock drafts now have the San Diego Chargers trading up in the first round to get a Left Tackle in the 2013 NFL Draft. This is an insane plan and one that Tom Telesco shouldn't even consider.

Poll: where would you draft "Robo Punter"


Where would you draft the perfect punter, "Robo Punter", capable of punting the football out-of-bounds, inside the opponent's 1 yard line every time? BFTB examines that player's value and the...

History & Fun Facts on the 11th pick in NFL Draft


A history of the 11th pick of the NFL Draft, including stars and busts that have been drafted at slot 11. A separate section altogether is left for the absurd story of Russell Erxleben.

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