Giants @ Chargers: Everything You Need to Know

Chargers blow out Giants 37-14 in San Diego

The San Diego Chargers creep closer to the 2013 NFL Playoffs, and a .500 record, with a blowout win over the New York Giants.

Open Thread: Chargers up 24-0 at halftime

Everything has gone right so far for the San Diego Chargers, who lead the New York Giants 24-0 at halftime.

Inactives vs. NYG: The Return of King


King Dunlap and Melvin Ingram return from injury for the San Diego Chargers for their game against the New York Giants. Meanwhile, the Giants will be missing star pass-rusher Jason Pierre-Paul.

Five New York Giants questions with Big Blue View


Getting some more information about the New York Giants before they face the San Diego Chargers later today.

The hidden core of the Big Apple's football team

Back-ups, afterthoughts, mid-season acquisitions, and risky wagers on future health. About what you could expect from guys you've never heard of that play in one of the largest media markets in the...

Melvin Ingram Activated from PUP list

Melvin Ingram is back and ready to play.

Injury Report: Chargers vs Giants

The Chargers are getting healthier and the Giants could have a few key players miss Sunday's game.

Blackout lifted for Chargers-Giants


Hurray! Chargers fans get to watch their football team play on TV while it's actually happening.

The Chargers will win against the Giants


Each week, we give San Diego Chargers three reasons to be optimistic about the team's chances in their upcoming game. This Sunday, they welcome Eli Manning and the New York Giants to town.

The Chargers will lose to the Giants


Each week, we give San Diego Chargers fans three reasons to be pessimistic about the team's upcoming game. This Sunday, they welcome to town the New York Giants.


'Five Questions' with 'Bolts From The Blue'

Need to learn more about the San Diego Chargers? Our weekly 'Five Questions' segment can help you out with that.

Chargers get extension to sell 3,000 tickets


The San Diego Chargers vs. New York Giants game this Sunday may end up being televised locally after all.

How should the Chargers attack the Giants Defense?


Kyle Posey identifies the Giants' defensive weaknesses and breaks down how the Chargers' offense can take advantage.

Revisiting the 2004 Chargers-Giants Trade

Did the San Diego Chargers make the right move, or the wrong move, when they traded Eli Manning to the New York Giants during the 2004 NFL Draft?

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