San Diego Chargers Game Day Open Threads

Open Thread: Chargers at Seahawks, 2nd half


Well, the Seahawks beat the brakes of the Chargers in the first half. Hopefully, we get to discuss a more watchable second half.


Open Thread: Chargers at Seahawks, 1st Half

Chat live with fellow fans of the San Diego Chargers while the team takes on the Seattle Seahawks in their Friday night preseason matchup at CenturyLink Field.

Open Thread: Cowboys at Chargers, Preseason


A real, live open thread for an actual (kinda) San Diego Chargers football game! Let's get excited!

Chargers Training Camp Open Thread: July 27, 2014

Follow along as the San Diego Chargers play their first Sunday afternoon practice.

Chargers Training Camp Open Thread: July 26, 2014

The San Diego Chargers are kicking off Saturday with a morning practice that's open to the public. Chat about all the news/info coming out of today's practice here.

Chargers Training Camp Open Thread: July 25, 2014


An open thread for San Diego Chargers fans to follow along and chat about the news coming out of today's training camp practices at Chargers Park.

Open Thread: 2014 NFL Free Agency


NFL Free Agency is open for business in 2014. Chat about the non-stop stream of Chargers news and rumors in this open thread.

Open Thread: Broncos vs. Seahawks, Super Bowl


In what seemed like 5 minutes, the NFL season has come and gone. Today, the Seahawks and Broncos play the season's final game to determine which can be called "champion." Chat along while watching...

Open thread: 2014 NFL Pro Bowl


The Pro Bowl may be a terrible event, but it's not like you have something better to do today. Chat here while you watch the game and feel bad about football as a sport.

Open Thread: NFL Playoffs, Championship Weekend


Chat in the comments of this post about today's AFC and NFC Championship games while watching them.


Thread: Broncos lead Chargers 14-0 at halftime


The San Diego Chargers have been dominated by the Denver Broncos for 30 minutes, but somehow are still within reach of a victory if they can make the right halftime adjustments.


Playoff Thread: Chargers at Broncos, 1st Half

The San Diego Chargers try and take their shocking streak of wins deeper into the playoffs, but they'll have to beat Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on the road. Chat about the game here.

Open Thread: 49ers at Panthers, NFL Playoffs


After watching the higher-seeded favorites win each of first two games of the 2013 NFL Divisional Playoffs, who will win this one? The 49ers, who are the favorites, or the Panthers, who are the...

Open Thread: NFL Divisional Playoffs, Saturday


Before the San Diego Chargers meet the Denver Broncos, NFL fans will be treated to two fantastic matchups between marquee teams and players today.

Open Thread: 49ers at Packers


The final game of the 2013 Wild Card Playoffs, between the 49ers and Packers, also threatens to be one of the coldest games in NFL history.

Open Thread: Chargers trail Bengals 10-7 at Half

The San Diego Chargers are only down 3 on the road against the Cincinnati Bengals, but conservative coaching is holding the team back from being able to compete. Will the coaches change their tune...


Playoff Thread: Chargers at Bengals, 1st Half

The San Diego Chargers and the Cincinnati Bengals face each other in the Wild Card Round of the 2013 NFL Playoffs. Chat along in the comments while watching the game.

Open Thread: NFL Playoffs, Wild Card Round


A little bit of information/history on the first two games of the NFL's Wild Card weekend, including a recommendation on which teams to bet on to win.

Open Thread: Eagles at Cowboys for the Division


The 9-6 Philadelphia Eagles head into Dallas to take on the 8-7 Cowboys and Kyle Orton with the NFC East division title on the line. Chat about it here while watching.

Halftime: Chargers trailing Chiefs' backups 21-14


Needing a win to get into the playoffs and facing the Kansas City Chiefs' backups, the San Diego Chargers are playing their worst football of the season.


Open Thread: Chiefs at Chargers, 1st Half

What could be the most important game of the entire season for the San Diego Chargers will also probably be the most boring game of the season. Chat along while watching and, hopefully, celebrating.

Open Thread: NFL Week 17, Early Games


Chat along while watching the Ravens/Bengals and Jets/Dolphins games that affect the San Diego Chargers' changes of making the 2013 NFL playoffs.

Open Thread: Raiders at Chargers, 2nd Half


The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are tied 10-10 after one half of football. Chat about the 2nd half of the game here.


Open Thread: Raiders at Chargers, 1st Half

The 7-7 San Diego Chargers are hoping to sneak into the playoffs, and they'll start by getting revenge for an early-season loss to the 4-10 Oakland Raiders. Chat about the game here.

Open Thread: NFL Week 16, Early Games


Keeping an eye on the Chargers' path to the 2013 NFL Playoffs while watching the early games? Chat about it here!

Open Thread: Ravens at Lions


Playoff hopes are on the line when the 7-6 Baltimore Ravens travel to Detroit to take on the 7-6 Lions on Monday Night Football.

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