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Breaking Down New Bolts: David Johnson

Breaking down the game film on TE David Johnson and what he can contribute to the San Diego Chargers.

Breaking Down New Bolts: Donald Brown

Breaking Down New Bolts is back with game film breakdowns of new free agents signed by the San Diego Chargers. The first player up is the premium signing so far of the offseason, Donald Brown.

Breaking Down New Bolts: Offensive Review

Last season, Jason Peters broke down film of newly signed offensive linemen King Dunlap and Chad Rinehart before they ever played a down for the San Diego Chargers. How did his predictions pan out?

The Ultimate Chargers Wild Card: John Pagano

The Chargers' defense declined from 2012 to 2013 only to finish strong at the end of the season. So what can we expect from the defense in 2014?

Breaking Down New Bolts: Defensive Review

Jason Peters looks back at the defensive players he evaluated last offseason, and struggles with how horrible Derek Cox turned out to be.

Melvin Ingram's Return is Boosting the Bolts

Since returning from ACL surgery, Melvin Ingram has played exceptionally well and has overall improved the team's defense more than anyone expected.

6 Plays That Helped the Chargers Beat the Bengals

Kyle Posey has gone through the film and dug out six plays that helped the San Diego Chargers to get their first playoff win in five years, this one on the road against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Playbook: Rivers connects with Gates for 60th TD

As usual with the Chargers, Sunday was chock-full of highs and lows, but there has always been one constant in San Diego over the last eight years: Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates are really, really good together.

Breaking Down Andy Dalton's Week 17 Interceptions

Jason Peters takes a look at Andy Dalton's four interceptions against the Ravens last week to determine how the Chargers might force turnovers from the Bengals quarterback.

Breakdown: Chargers WRs vs. Bengals Secondary

Breaking down the likely matchups between the San Diego Chargers receivers and tight ends against the Cincinnati Bengals cornerbacks and safeties to find which team has the advantage during next week's playoff game.


Film Breakdown: The Drive that Beat the Broncos

Which drive would you say won the game for the Chargers? The answer might surprise you. Kyle Posey goes play–by–play, breaking down the drive that San Diego put together to beat the Broncos.

Is Manti Te'o Progressing?

Kyle goes through the game film of the San Diego Chargers win over the New York Giants to find out of rookie linebacker Manti Te'o is still struggling.

Turnover Watch: Bengals at Chargers

Who is to blame for the San Diego Chargers' 3 offensive turnovers in their loss to the Cincinnati Bengals? Who gets credit for their 2 defensive turnovers?

A look back at the Chargers game-winning drive

Going play-by-play on the San Diego Chargers' game-winning drive over the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chargers won by a score of 41-38 after a touchdown pass from Philip Rivers to Seyi Ajirotutu.

Playbook: Mathews, geometry and stiff arms, oh my!

While all the focus is elsewhere, Ryan Mathews is quietly having the best season of his career, and this past Sunday only reinforced that opinion.

Chargers Game Plan: How to Stop the Dolphins

Going through the Dolphins game tape to find out what the San Diego Chargers need to do on Sunday to stop the Miami offense and beat the Miami defense.

Film: Woodhead's TD catch against the Broncos

Danny Woodhead's 7 yard touchdown catch against the Denver Broncos in the second half of Sunday's game was a breath of fresh air to the San Diego Chargers red zone offense.

Should the Chargers sign Ed Reed?

A quick analysis of whether or not the San Diego Chargers, with their terrible defensive secondary, could benefit from signing free agent safety Ed Reed for the season's final 7 games.

Reviewing the Unforced Interception in D.C.

The Chemistry and Communication between Vincent Brown & Philip Rivers has been average at best in 2013. It surfaced again in Washington.

How Zone Blocking Improves the Chargers Run Game

Jerome Watson breaks down the three key zone blocking schemes employed by Mike McCoy's Chargers. They're a far cry from Norv Turner's Power Run scheme.

Breaking down the Chargers goal line failure

The San Diego Chargers drove 91 yards in the final minutes of regulation against the Washington Redskins, and had three chances to get the final yard and a road victory. Instead, coaches and players tripped over their mental mistakes on the way to a

San Diego Chargers Player Focus: Larry English

With Dwight Freeney out for the rest of the season, Larry English is the linebacker seeing the most snaps on defense for the San Diego Chargers. How well is he playing?

Playbook: Rivers and Allen, a match made in heaven

Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen are developing chemistry and trust in a hurry, and that was on no greater display than on Allen's 22-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter of Monday night's victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

The Chargers have found a replacement for Jackson

Tom Telesco's first draft as General Manager of the San Diego Chargers looks like it will be a very successful one, partly due to his ability to find a #1 WR outside of the first round that is ready to contribute now.

San Diego Chargers Player Focus: Manti Te'o

San Diego Chargers rookie linebacker Manti Te'o now has a few games of NFL experience under his belt after missing the preseason and the start of the regular season with injury. How is he faring?

Want to see how the Bolts stopped the Colts?

Check out two amazing blitz examples John Pagano called that had never been seen until Monday Night against the Colts.

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