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It's a Great Time to be a San Diego Chargers Fan

Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy have done a tremendous job of turning the Chargers' franchise around in a hurry.

POLL: Is BFTB too optimistic about the Chargers?


Are we, the San Diego Chargers fans that are a part of this little BFTB community, too optimistic about the team's chances this season....or is it the rest of the NFL's fans that are wrong?

Player Safety and the Hypocrisy of the NFL


The league talks a lot about player safety, but actions speak louder than words. There is a simple action the league can take to make sure that Thursday Night Football does not work against the...

I love the San Diego Chargers


John Gennaro addresses how, and why, he loves the San Diego Chargers and professional football.

There's nothing wrong with a little hope


Sometimes when you hope hard enough, dreams come true.

The Best Chargers Offseason Ever?


The San Diego Chargers are heading into Year 2 with Mike McCoy, Tom Telesco, and a young roster that looks primed to compete for a Super Bowl....but haven't we been here before?

Could the Chargers trade for Andre Johnson?


In the search for a weapon across from Keenan Allen, could the Chargers figure out a trade for the Texans' Andre Johnson?

POLL: Should the Chargers re-sign Ryan Mathews?


Looking at the market value of running backs, and the options the Chargers have with Ryan Mathews entering the final year of his rookie contract.

Is it too early to think about post-Rivers era?


Ruben asks if it's time to start looking for the heir apparent to Philip Rivers in this year's NFL Draft.

The San Diego Chargers should sign DeSean Jackson


Whether or not you think the San Diego Chargers should sign free agent WR DeSean Jackson to bolster their offense, they should.


An Open Letter to Ryan Mathews


The following is a fan's heart-felt public apology to San Diego Chargers' running back, Ryan Mathews.

The Chargers shouldn't sign every ex-Charger


Fans of the San Diego Chargers only watch the San Diego Chargers. So, when free agency rolls around, ex-Chargers are the only players they recognize. This doesn't mean those players should be...

Tom Telesco's Commitment to Consistency


When the San Diego Chargers re-signed LB Donald Butler on Friday, it showed that the team places a high value on retaining the players that the team has developed. That's something the former GM...

OPINION: The Perfect San Diego Chargers Offseason

What do the Chargers need to do over the next few months to build the team into a major contender?

Being a Chargers fan on the East Coast


Kirk Willison discusses what it's like being a long-distance Chargers fan.

The Pro Bowl is Terrible


The NFL's "Pro Bowl" event serves as the sport's all-star game, but is a travesty. The league probably won't ever get rid of it, but they should.

Five Things Learned During McCoy's First Season


Richard Wade breaks down the things that went right that he didn't expect going into the season.

DC John Pagano coached perhaps his best game


The San Diego Chargers badly outplayed the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday and other thoughts.

The Chargers backed into the NFL playoffs

Look, I think we're all happy the Chargers are in the playoffs. But let's take a closer look at how they really got there, and if Mike McCoy deserves all the credit the media is heaping upon him.

The Missed Penalty: A History Lesson for Steelers


Reviewing how an egregious call against the Chargers may have helped the 2008 Steelers win the Super Bowl

Rooting for a Chargers Loss, Part 1: "Fans"


Part 1 in a 3 part series making the case that it's okay for Chargers fans to root against the San Diego Chargers, sometimes.

The UT's sales pitch for a new San Diego stadium

Doug Manchester and John Lynch, under the guise of a seemingly innocuous UT San Diego Editorial, have in fact started their latest push for a new stadium in earnest, behind Kevin Faulconer's...

Is the problem on defense talent or coaching?


Obviously, there is plenty wrong with the 2013 Chargers, but Kyle Posey breaks down the biggest problems facing the team moving forward.

Giving Mike McCoy The Credit He Deserves


San Diego Chargers rookie head coach Mike McCoy may not be perfect, but he's been really great at a few things and he's getting better at others. He appears to be the right guy to lead the team now...

The future of the Chargers with Mike McCoy is okay


Someone replaced resident angry person and "cantankerous" BFTB staff writer Nick Shepherd with someone who's singing kumbaya and enjoys rainbows and butterflies, and is hopeful about the future of...

Keenan Allen: Chargers Team Leader?


San Diego Chargers rookie wide receiver Keenan Allen was called for a penalty on Sunday for taunting a Miami Dolphins cornerback. Many Chargers fans complained about it, but I see the positives in...

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