San Diego Chargers Approval Ratings

Is Mike McCoy an improvement over Norv Turner?


Vote on Mike McCoy's performance in his first half-season (or so) as the Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers.

How would you grade Tom Telesco?


Some big names have finally been signed by the San Diego Chargers. Does that change the way you feel about Tom Telesco's first offseason as General Manager?

VOTE: How are the Chargers doing overall?


The San Diego Chargers have been quite busy this offseason, how do you like the moves they've made.

Has Dean Spanos made the right hires?


Chargers owner and President Dean Spanos has been busy overhauling the Chargers front office. We want to know what you think of the moves.

VOTE: Has Norv just given up?


How many times has it been said over the years after a game that "Norv was simply out-coached"? Was that the case in the game against the Panthers, or has Norv just given up?

VOTE: Are these AJ's last days in San Diego?


What a difference a week makes.

VOTE: Is Norv fighting to save his job?


Norv Turner and the San Diego Chargers went into Pittsburgh this week and Norv Turner seemingly outcoached Mike Tomlin and led the Chargers to victory. Was it enough to change your opinion of the...

VOTE: Does A.J. Smith deserve a stay of execution?


The Chargers easily handled the Pittsburgh Steelers this past Sunday, winning their first ever regular season game in Pittsburgh (it only took 15 tries to finally do it). Has A.J. Smith finally put...

VOTE: How quickly should Norv Turner be fired?


In which the author, generally a Norv Turner supporter, is ready to move on.

Is this the worst team ever assembled by AJ Smith?


Another halftime lead blown by the San Diego Chargers. Is it a coaching issue? A personnel issue? All of the above?


A.J. Smith Approval Rating: Week 13


A breakdown of the roster A.J. Smith has built in San Diego while we see if fans approve of the job Smith has done this season.

Norv Turner Approval Rating: Week 13


After yet another second-half lead being turned into a loss for the Chargers, is it time to fire Norv mid-season?

Vote: Has Norv Turner become ineffective?


Another second-half meltdown by the Chargers. Is this the nail in Norv Turner's proverbial coffin?

Vote: Is A.J. Smith the right GM for the Chargers?


The Chargers suffered yet another second-half collapse. Is it an issue with the players on the field? Or are the players okay and it's something else?

VOTE: Should the Chargers still keep Norv?


It seems Norv Turner's job was saved last week when the Chargers completely dominated the Chiefs. Was this merely a stay of execution?

Vote: Should AJ Smith still be fired?


Nearly a third of you voted to fire AJ Smith on the spot last week. Is that still the case?

VOTE: Share your thoughts on Norv Turner


Many people seem to be on board with firing Norv Turner midseason. Are you one of them?

VOTE: Is this team A.J. Smith's fault?


Much like last season, the Chargers seem to be in a mid-season slide. Does the team have enough talent to get out of it? Sound off in our A.J. Smith Approval Poll.

VOTE NOW: Norv Turner Approval Rating


The Chargers can't seem to stay out of the negative spotlight, even during their bye week. How much is Norv to blame?

VOTE: Convince me I'm wrong about Norv Turner


Many are calling for Norv Turner to be fired today; I am unconvinced. Convince us he should be fired right away, or tell us why you think he should stay.

VOTE: Did A.J. Smith architect the wrong team?


The Chargers are coming off one of the ugliest losses in recent memory. Does that affect your opinion of General Manager A.J. Smith?

VOTE: How is Norv Turner doing?


It's that time of the week where you tell us how great or poorly you think Norv Turner is doing as the Chargers' head coach.

VOTE: Share Your Thoughts on A.J. Smith


Chargers fans are generally an outspoken bunch when it comes to their opinions on A.J. Smith. Here's your chance to share your thoughts.

Approval Rating: Norv Turner, Week 5 (with graphs)


Our weekly poll of how Chargers fans feel Norv Turner is doing as the Chargers Head Coach. We've now begun to chart Norv's past approval ratings as well.

Approval Rating: A.J. Smith, Week 5 (with graphs!)


Our weekly poll of how Chargers fans feel A.J. Smith is doing as the Chargers General Manager. We've now begun to chart A.J.'s past approval ratings as well.

Norv Turner Approval Rating: Week 4


The Chargers were dominated by the Atlanta Falcons this past Sunday. How much of that loss rests on the shoulders of Head Coach Norv Turner?

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