AFC West Updates

How The Broncos Did It: Their Cap and Free Agents

Much talk has been had concerning the moves the Denver Broncos made in the offseason, and the Salary Cap situation that allowed them to do it. This article explains how.

Free Agency Round-Up: AFC West (Day 1)

The Chargers make a splash with Donald Butler, but can't keep up with the big spending of the Broncos. The Chiefs and Raiders lose valuable assets. It's a review of Day 1 of Free Agency in the AFC West!

Catching up with the Oakland Raiders

On October 6th, the San Diego Chargers were soundly beaten by the Oakland Raiders to the tune of 27-17. What has happened with the Raiders in the 2+ months since that game?

What is the rest of the NFL up to?

Intriguing playoff races, dysfunction in Florida, surprises, and disappointments. It has been a fairly well rounded season, so far.

What happened during the Chargers bye week?

The San Diego Chargers took the week off, as did some of their fans. Let's get caught up on what changed for the team following Sunday's games.

AFC West Quarter-Season Roundtable

We asked bloggers for the Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos and Raiders to come up with the "best stat" and "worst stat" for their teams after four games.

Keeping Tabs: Did Manning cheat his way back?

Why Dan Rubenstein believes Manning's comeback raises some red flags, why the Chiefs special teams are feeling special again and what Raiders owner Mark Davis thinks about playing on a dirt infield.

Keeping Tabs: Preseason Edition

Why Wes Welker is happy to be out of New England and away from Bill Belichick, why Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles should be quite the combo and how Taiwan Jones is attempting to do the impossible.

Keeping Tabs: A Chiefs Fan embarrasses himself

What Peyton Manning and Eric Decker did to make sure Orlando Franklin never forgets his first baseball game, how a Chiefs fan took his Chiefs Flag Warrior tryout a little too seriously and Chris Kluwe is at it again with Google Glass.

AFC West: Training Camp Edition

Why Mike McCoy's successor in Denver might be an upgrade, how the Chiefs could set a world record this season and the awesomeness that is Chris Kluwe using Google glass to record himself punting.


Keeping Tabs on the AFC West: The Oakland Raiders

Levi Damien of Silver and Black Pride let us know what to expect from the Oakland Raiders in 2013

Joel Thorman on the Kansas City Chiefs

Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride lets us know what to expect from the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013.

Keeping Tabs on the AFC West

BFTB writers tell you how scary it is that Peyton felt like a rookie last season, how you can score some Chiefs season tickets and how Terrelle Pryor will probably never recommend that you trade your Big Ten Championship ring for a tattoo.

AFC West: Jammer, Alex Smith, and Charles Woodson

BFTB writers wonder about a certain fan's opinion that the Broncos pillaged the Chargers' roster this offseason, the food in the Eagles' and Chiefs' cafeterias, and the decision to fire Zak Gilbert in Oakland.

Keeping Tabs on AFC West: Woodson to the Broncos?

This week, in Keeping Tabs on the AFC West: BFTB writers wonder about the rumors of Charles Woodson and Brian Urlacher going to the Broncos, Joe Montana's signed dinner receipt is auctioned off and Amy Trask is no longer needed in Oakland.

Keeping Tabs on the AFC West

Where BFTB aggregates news from the AFC West into one convenient post for its readers.

AFC West Free Agency Roundup: Oakland Raiders

The Raiders lived beyond their means for the last few seasons, and now they're paying the price.

AFC West Free Agency Roundup: Kansas City Chiefs

Is Andy Reid trying to build "Dream Team 2.0" in Kansas City?

AFC West Free Agency Roundup: Denver Broncos

In which we look at the Free Agency situation for the Denver Broncos

AFC West Offseason Updates: Oakland Raiders

Three of the four teams in the AFC West have had extremely busy offseasons. We know all about the Chargers, so let's see what the Raiders have been up to.

News from around the AFC West

The Denver Broncos have run away with the division and are fighting for a first-round playoff bye. The Raiders and Chiefs are, well, the Raiders and Chiefs.

AFC West Updates: Raiders Collapsing

The Denver Broncos are surging, the Oakland Raiders are sputtering, and the Kansas City Chiefs are off in the corner with a crayon stuck up their nose.

AFC West Updates: Raiders a contender?

It seems like all the teams in the AFC West are receiving various honors, except for the Chargers of course.

AFC West Updates: Raiders back in the hunt

A QB controversy in KC? Say it ain't so!

AFC West Updates: Hope in Oakland, Despair in KC

What's happening in Oakland, Denver and Kansas City heading into Week 7 of the 2012 NFL Season?

AFC West Update: Showdown at Qualcomm

Denver heads to San Diego, where the winner will be the heir-apparent to the AFC West throne. The Chiefs and Raiders head east to play NFC opponents.

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