Way Too Early Power Rankings

What's up guys. I know this is incredibly random, but I'm bored, I miss football, so I figured that since most of the offseason dust has finally settled, I can create a power ranking list. Obviously this will change, A lot, over the course of the season, but here's how I view the teams this year.

1. Seattle Seahawks - The reigning champions- need I say more?

2. San Francisco 49ers- Not sure what the situation with Aldon Smith is, but this team is well coached, the defense is still insane, and Kaepernick is still young, which means he's still improving.

3. Denver Broncos - Yea, I know you hate them too, but the team just keeps getting better. It's clearly Super Bowl or bust for them this year, but let's see how the chemistry works with all their newly added players.

4. New Orleans Saints- Drew Brees, a solid receiving core, and they added talent on the defensive end. If they can FINALLY find a way to win on the road, they could move up to #2 (or heck, even #1)

5. New England Patriots - Tom Brady is still Tom Brady, which means the pats are still due for about 12 wins. Still, receivers could use improvement.

6. Green Bay Packers- Assuming Aaron Rodgers comes back healthy, the Packers should be back in contention. Feels like we forgot about them a little bit last year, I expect them to come back with a vengeance.

7. Indianapolis Colts- I think this is the year Andrew Luck REALLY breaks out and leads his team to a deep playoff run. The colts could be very deadly this year.

8. Arizona Cardinals - Yep, the 3rd NFC west team already. The defense is only getting tougher, and Carson Palmer is a solid vet who can facilitate the team. Cardinals are scary people.

9. Philadelphia Eagles- The offense is just incredibly fast and scary, even after losing Desean. Sproles and McCoy may be the best RB tandem in the league. If Foles plays like he did last year, watch out.

10. Cincinnati Bengals- I'm a firm believer that Andy Dalton is an atrocious quarterback, but the team wins games in the regular season, and the defense is still good. Expect more of the same this year.

11. San Diego Chargers- Ah, the moment we've been waiting for, our Chargers. Some may think I put them too low. I honestly think I may have underrated them a bit. Really depends on a lot of wild card players this year. I do believe we can make a run this year, we have the pieces.

12. Chicago Bears- The defense improved, the receiving core is deadly, it's a real shame they're stuck with Jake Cutler...

13. Dallas Cowboys- Hate all you want, Tony Romo is in fact a pretty good QB. And this team still has talent.

14. Carolina Panthers- People are freaking out about the loss of all of the WRs. That is a huge issue, but remember how good this defense is. They'll still contend.

15. Baltimore Ravens- The Ravens intrigue me, nothing special, but they're tough and gritty.

16. Kansas City Chiefs- we'll see how they play against a schedule with real QBs this year, they are very confusing to me. Still not sure if Alex Smith is the answer.

17. Detroit Lions- This is a make or break year for Stafford, they added talent, it's up to him to prove he's the future.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- They added ALOT of talent in the offseason, but in the end, not sure I trust Mike Glennon or Josh McCown

19. Pittsburgh Steelers- amazing how a team with such a winning culture can be this low on the list, but I just don't see it yet. Big Ben already seems to be on a decline. Maybe he'll prove me wrong, who knows?

20. Atlanta Falcons- This is honestly probably too low for them, but based on how they performed last year, I can't just jump them up yet. I wanna see them play first.

21. New York Jets- the teams roster would win a Super Bowl back in 2009. Now, a little old at some key positions. A tough defense, but they still don't have the offensive fire power. I'd actually like to see Taj Boyd get the starting gig.

22. St Louis Rams - Give this team a real quarterback, and they skyrocket into the top 10. Call me impatient, but the Sam Bradford era is toast. Kid just doesn't have it in him.

23. Minnesota Vikings- They added talent, not sure how Teddy will do there, but this team could be fun to watch.

24. Miami Dolphins- As I said with Stafford, though not as extreme, time to find out what Tannehill truly is. Difference is, there's less talent surrounding him.

25. Buffalo Bills- I have a feeling EJ Manuel will have a bit of a resurgence this year. But no Kiko Alosno= no success for the Bills

26. Oakland Raiders- I put them this high because they added a lot of veterans. Unfortunately (well, actually fortunately) they are pretty washed up. But I hate to admit it, they may be heading in the right direction for the future.

27. New York Giants- Man Eli Manning is terrible...

28. Houston Texans- they honestly don't seem much different from last year, aside from the obvious addition of Clowney. Team still needs a quarterback.

29. Cleveland Browns- Now that they lost Gordon, there's little hope. The browns are the browns, and no Jonny Manziel is gonna change that.

30. Tennessee Titans- this team is just lacking talent. Nothing more really needs to be said.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars- this team is gonna be REALLY good in a few years. Bortles, Robinson, Lee, they added a lot of talent at the luxury positions. But this year, no. At least they can stock up with more picks.

32. Washington Redskins- the team went all out for RG3... without draft picks, they managed to add Desean Jackson, but he's not the savior they need. Team is still just awful.

Let me know what you guys think.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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