Why the draft simulator just fails.

Using draft simulators is addicting. It feels like you have a 75% chance of controlling your own destiny because you and all the other teams follow just one big board. So I played around with the fanspeak simulator using Walter football's big board and look what I got with the Best Player Available approach:

Round 1:

C.J. Mosley

-Nix, Roby, etc were all there but for some reason they rated Mosley number 31 on their list and I scoop him up seeing as he is a top 15 blue chip player. Screw waiting for Manti-te'o's foot to heal and relying on the injury prone Butler! Mosley brings me a presence to be feared in the middle and instantly becomes one of the leaders and tone-setters of the defense.

Round 2:

Marcus Martin

-Hello number 1 center and replacement to Nick Hardwick. A potential pro-bowler too seeing as how he man handled everybody across him including ahem, Louis Nix III. Kick Clary out of the way and plug him beside Hardwick at the guard position for now.

Round 3:

Carlos Hyde

-Woah! talk about devaluing running backs. Hyde was rated higher but he just wasn't drafted by teams because they'd rather rely on wide receivers and tight ends than running backs nowadays. To hell with that! Sorry RM24, we are letting your injury prone self go next year and we find our number one back for the future.

Round 4:

Philip Gaines

-Talk about falling down. For some reason he is rated lower on Walter Football's big board. A 2nd round pick falling to my lap on the 4th round who has excellent speed (4.37) and production (setting pass defense records). I am liking where my draft is going so far.

Round 5:

Justin Ellis

-Why hello there my starting nose tackle for the future. Most of the people who saw Ellis matched up with the big schools raved about how he won against the opposition. Gabe Ikard couldn't handle him at all. I find our rock for the middle and with Mosley waiting behind him I feel sorry for the running backs we are gonna face.

Round 6:

Devin Street

-Where else can you find a 6'3 4.5 speed wide receiver in the 6th round? He became Pittsburgh's all-time receiving leader with 202 receptions and he is a potential 2nd or 3rd wide receiver. He was graded for rounds 4 to 5 and I'm glad he is still there in the 6th round.

Round 7:

Brock Vereen

-I have no idea why the simulator has Vereen ranked 250 when he is a 3rd or 4th round prospect who could be a punishing strong safety. He's 6'0 with 4.45 speed and high football IQ. We find our taller safety and let Addae or Gilchrist back him up.

In conclusion, draft simulators are not realistic at all even if no trades happen. They only give you an idea of where certain prospects could fall when your team is drafting but they are also unreliable on how they rate the players. My haul for this simulation was the #1 Inside linebacker, #1 Center, #1 Running back, #2/3 Nose Tackle, a 4th/5th round receiver falling in the 6th, and a 3rd/4th round Strong Safety falling in the 7th round. The best player available approach is a great strategy if you know where the prospects would fall. In the real draft teams are forced to reach for needs because all 32 teams have a different draft board and you never know how high they've rated the player you want.

What do you think of this draft?

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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