Final Mock Draft (Dream Draft that will catapult us to being strong contenders)

This is my final mock draft. After watching all these so-called "experts" do the chargers' mock draft, I really want to meet them and stick a fork in their necks. One of these "experts" had us taking a quarterback in the second round. You heard me, IN THE SECOND ROUND! I really do hope you guys can read my draft and somehow forward it to Telesco so our streak of mediocracy (well not last year) will finally be over. Like any of the mock drafts, there is a .01 percent chance that this will happen, with teams reaching for a player or a trade happens. But it's not bad to be open minded.

Round 1 Kyle Fuller, 6'0 196 lbs, CB, Virginia Tech

To be honest, even though I would want Jason Verrett or Justin Gilbert here, I think Gilbert will be gone by the 25th and Verrett's size is too much for me to take a risk on. People keeps saying that he plays larger than his size and that he plays with that tenacity and has the willingness to tackle, but would you ever want to see him battle it out with Calvin Johnson or Brandon Marshall or even Vincent Jackson? I do believe he would win against receivers who has the same height as him. The likes of Mike Wallace or Antonio Brown come into mind. But receivers who are tall and freakishly athletic? I would pass on Verrett. Some would take Nix here. But the dude has an injury on his knees and the fact that he played with Stephon Tuitt might have helped him in college. The fact that he also looks winded in the 4th quarter of any games that needed a stop and he's there just leaning on a lineman just turned me off there. I really Kyle Fuller in the first. But another possibility would be to trade down to a high second round and pick Fuller. I like him because he comes from a college known to have cornerbacks that turn into solid or stars in the NFL. Fuller plays with confidence and has the hips to turn around without losing a step. He recognizes routes very well and goes out and jumps in on them almost every time. He is a good blitzer and has lined up in the slot. His arms are lengthy which would help his cause in the NFL. He is also a student of the game as he studies his opponents in the game room and analyzes the weaknesses of his opponent. What I don't like about him is that there is a strong probability he won't fully develop till his 3rd year. There is that steep learning curve for cornerbacks. Unless you are Patrick Peterson, then there's a strong chance there might be a ton of rookie moments for Fuller. However, like I mentioned, he is a student of the game and will do whatever it takes to gain an advantage against the opponent. He will also grow with the other young studs of the Chargers. (Knowing Telesco, he will take Verrett. His time in Indianapolis supports that. Also the fact that Verrett lives near SD, it is sort of inevitable to happen).



Round 2 - Kyle Van Noy, 6'3 245 lbs, OLB, BYU

I'm in love with this guy. I really don't know why. There is something in him that makes me lick my chops that'll make me take him in the 2nd round. He's fast, instinctive, not a liability in coverage, a leader, and has stated a desire to play for San Diego. Like I said he's fast. He can blitz and use his speed to go past the offensive lineman. You can also use him in coverage. From what I saw, he can cover slot receivers and.......TIGHT ENDS! Hey did you guys know that Tight Ends always torches our defense in games? Not only that, but he is a leader. You can't have too many leaders on a team, especially defense. Combine his leadership with Weddle, Ingram, Freeney, Johnson, Butler, etc. and you can almost risk of having a player with the characteristics of Floyd Mayweather to stand down. Your locker room will be set. He can tackle too and has always played 100 percent. My knock on him is that his tackling needs refinement. If you watched one of his games, he sometimes tackles with no hands and broken tackles are part of the charger's defense struggles. His running game is still OK. Once an Offensive lineman gets his hands on him, it's almost over. ALMOST. He still has that motor playing for him. But I believe that he has the IQ and that drive to work on his game, like how Manti Te'o is motivated to prove his critics wrong.



Round 3 - Cody Latimer, 6'3 213 lbs, WR, Indiana

I have fallen to the hype. But I also hope Kelvin Benjamin drops, but I realize that I'm dreaming. Plus the dude weighs 245 lbs. I feel like he could be one of those players that have a lazy work ethic, relying on their physical being alone. Now Cody has been jumping on boards and people keep saying that he has the potential to be a 1st rounder. Well good luck with that. Although he has that potential, it's easier to have mainstream players get pick first then pick a player with a first round potential in the third. Almost works for any team. Keenan Allen anyone? Latimer has that frame that anyone covets. He's thick. Plus he can make circus catches. Put that in the redzone and you have a touchdown. It also helps that he ran a 4.4 which really caught the scouts' attention. He is physical and has the willingness to block for his runningbacks. What I don't like about him is although he can make circus catches, he can drop easy ones too. But it's the third round so I guess it's okay. Plus Telesco has said that he wants a faster offense. Latimer doesn't possess the ability to take off the top of the defense. But overall, if you look at the value and the potential this guy possesses, this could be a steal.



Round 4 - Stephon Tuitt, 6'6 322, DT, Notre Dame

Haven't heard from him in a while, maybe because of an injury. Stock could be falling.



Cyril Richardson, 6'5 329, OG, Baylor

His stock is falling, many boards project him now in the 4th round. If Tuitt's gone, this pick could be a steal



Round 5 - Josh Huff, 5'11 196 lbs, WR, Oregon

If Thomas is gone, we can go for Huff. He is fast and fluid and can take a top off the defense.



De'Anthony Thomas, 5'9 176 lbs, RB, Oregon

If Huff is gone, Thomas could be a possibility. He is listed as RB and the Chargers' backfield is crowded. It doesn't necessarily mean he'll be used as a runningback. He can be our Percy Harvin and he adds ton of speed to the offense. Most electrifying player in the draft.



Round 6- Aaron Lynch, 6'5 249 lbs, DE, USF

An interesting name. Very freakish. Productive at Notre Dame but has regressed when transferred. Good player to take a risk on in the sixth round. Some say he has poor work ethic. But if you have players like Freeney or Weddle or Johnson around, best bet to bust your ass or your ass will be busted.

Round 7 - Aaron Colvin, 6'0 196 lbs, CB, Oklahoma

A leader in the Oklahoma secondary. Productive before the injury. Physical and can play man. Very aggressive which could lead to trouble. Was considered a high pick before the injury. A steal in the seventh.



Undrafted players to look for:

Colt Lyerla, TE, Oregon - Very big and has good hands. Has off the field issues. Could team up with Green when Gates retires

Jordan Lynch, QB, Northern Illinois - Had a good year last year. Make him look good, see what he has, if he's good enough keep him or trade him. If not, cut him. Watch his highlights though

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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