Marion Grice-San Diego Chargers RB

Marion Grice:


· The most noticeable positive to Grice’s game is definitely his pass catching ability. Grice is an excellent pass catcher and is easily as good as a lot of NFL Wide Receivers. He tracks the ball very well and has the ability to catch back-shoulder throws. That ability is something very few Running Backs possess coming out of college and is rarely developed.

· Grice is a very smooth runner. He glides on the pitch and although not the quickest he can smoothly change directions which allows him to keep up his speed. He doesn’t have to slow when trying to beat should-be tacklers. Grice’s smoothness is something I personally value in a running back and I think it makes him really fun to watch.

· Good vision is another asset to the Arizona State running back’s game. Grice will be a threat in the screen game due to his feel for setting up blocks and his ability to smoothly work his way up the field despite the chaos surrounding him.

· Kick returning is another positive part to Grice’s game. He wasn’t a massively effective Kick returner in college but he definitely has the ability even though he isn’t a freakish athlete.

· Grice is a very good route runner for a running back and he definitely has positional versatility. Grice has the ability to line up in the slot and even out wide with his relatively crisp route running and unbelievable hands.

· As a runner Grice can run between the numbers if he is given a bit of time to get his momentum up. However he is definitely more effective when out in space. He reminds me of a better zone runner because of his patience/vision and his ability to quickly cut/swerve into the hole.

· Grice only had one fumble in his whole college career throughout his 400+ touches. I feel like this stat shows his ball security.


· If Grice is hit behind the line he invariably goes down. He lacks the power to drive through arm tackles and can get taken down far too easily on occasion.

· His narrow frame and upright running style doesn’t help him improve his power in the run game. Will need to add a bit of bulk to his frame to survive at the NFL level as well as churn his legs more often to drive people backwards and keep upright.

· Isn’t an elite athlete. Grice isn’t particularly fast and can lack the one on one wiggle to beat good LB’s.

· Isn’t a great pass-blocking back although isn’t a liability either. Will need to improve a bit at it in the pro level but is much better than a lot of college backs.

The Fit:

San Diego will have 3 good backs in front of Grice and due to the situation he could have difficulty making the roster. I would expect him to make nearly any NFL roster but San Diego probably has the best 3-headed monster in the NFL in Mathews, Woodhead and Brown. I expect Grice’s talent to shine through however and expect San Diego to carry 4 RB’s as they will not be carrying a true FB.

Early in his career Grice will have a hard time getting on the field outside of Kick-return duties and as a spell 3rd Down RB behind Woodhead. However San Diego has a run heavy scheme so he is likely to see at least some time. After this season Mathews and Woodhead are both FA’s and this could be the opportunity for Grice to get on the field a lot. Grice is a very capable receiver as outlined above which is an excellent fit for San Diego as Danny Woodhead alone had 76 receptions last season. I can see him becoming San Diego’s 3rd Down RB in 2015 and getting a sizable amount of time in San Diego’s zone scheme which fits the Arizona State product.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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