2014 Chargers Mock Draft 2.0

With the 25th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. The San Diego Chargers select....

Round {1}

• Louis Nix III * NT

(Notre Dame) 6'3 335

Player comparison: Vince Wilfork

Analysis: Tom Telesco has already let go of Byron Jerideau so those of you who felt he could step up for the starting role, well you were wrong. Geathers is a back up at most and needs more experience. Next up, Lissemore. If you look at the tape he got ran all over in the playoffs as a nose tackle, he doesn't take up much space and can't fight off multiple blockers, he better performed as a rotational defensive end as he recorded 2 sacks. Its time for a true monster in the middle... 2003-2007 deffense ring a bell? Jamal Williams the reason?

Round {2}

• Jeremiah Attauchu * OLB

(Georgia Tech) 6'4 255

Player comparison: Shaun Phillips

Analysis: The Chargers have shown interest in another OLB to draft, Interviewing Klye Van Noy and Jeremiah Attauchu, both have been very productive in college as pass rushers. Freeney and Johnson are awesome but won't be around longer and English can't be relied upon. Time for an OLB that was not a first round pick, maybe that's the answer. Nevertheless, more pass rush is needed as we ranked 26th In the league when injuries hit big.

Round {3}

• Cody Latimer * WR

(Indiana) 6'2 215

Player comparison: Pierre Garcon

Analysis: Denario Alexander is a beast but he can't stay healthy, hopefully he can return but thats a huge hope. Malcom Floyd is rehabbing and is already 34, but signs are he's coming back before the season starts. Right now Keenan Allen is the only reliable receiver, we need another starter outside that can stretch the field with speed. Enter Cody Latimer, who ran a 4.4 and if you look at the tape he looks, moves and catches just like Keenan Allen, the difference he's bigger with more speed. Telesco said he wants another receiver and speed this off season, makes a perfect match.

Round {4}

• Antone Exum * CB

(Virginia Tech) 6'0 215

Player comparison: Keenan Lewis

Analysis: The projected cornerback starters for the chargers are Shareece Wright, Richard Marshall, and Steve Williams inside, Telesco signed Brandon Ghee as a hopeful contributer and Gilchrist is a versitile defender. However, what happens if one starter goes down? Or if Ghee and Williams don't pan out? Drafting a corner in the first 4 rounds is a must.

Round {5}

• Aaron Colvin * CB

(Oklahoma) 6'0 185

Player comparison: Aaron Ross

Analysis: Richard Marshall is on a one year deal, Ghee as well. We need talented cover corners for the future. Luckily Aaron Colvin a 1st Round Pick if he didn't get hurt, so he'll drop to at most the 6th round. Telesco will take a chance on him, next year we would have Wright, Fuller, Williams, and Colvin. Sounds better then the Cox and Patrick combo.

Round {6}

• John Brown * WR

(Pitt. State) 5'10 180

Player comparison: Marquese Goodwin

Analysis: If Telesco drafts our 3rd round receiver, we'd have Allen, Royal, Brown, Floyd, and Latimer catching passes, but how about another slot, deep threat, kick returner all in one. John Brown ran a 4.33 and he has moves. Thats what we'll need especially if Royal gets injured again. Downside he's 5'10 170, he'll fall right too the Chargers though.

Round {7}

• Calvin Barnett * DE

(OSU) 6'3 310

Player comparison: Cory Redding

Analysis: Chargers Defensive line group is probably the most stable and most consistant, but we do need younger faster depth. Liuget, Reyes, Nix would be a great group, and we have Lissemore as a versatile back up. Other than that we have no other talent on the line, so drafting a back up DE will only do good for the starters to keep fresh.

This draft fills major holes that the Chargers have. A starting NT and Wide Reciever, a talented back up pass rusher, 2 future starting corners with size and speed and swagger that we have been lacking, and a kick returner that can finally take it to the house. The Chargers will most likely not draft an offensive lineman due to the stability and connection our starters already have, so why waste a high draft pick for a player that won't make an impact right away. Thanks for reading, give your opinions.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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