Early Predictions for the Season

I've had some time to digest the schedule, and now I'm ready to make some predictions with a little analysis

Week 1 - Cardinals 27 Chargers 21

The Cardinals were one of the premier home teams last season, not to mention they were just a tough team in general. Honestly think they're a QB and WR away from being a true powerhouse. We'll play them tough, but I just can't see a victory

Week 2 Chargers 24 Seahawks 20

Yes, I am that delusional fan that believes we can win this game. Seattle as a road team (aside from the Super Bowl obviously) isn't as terrifying as people make them out to be. I also think with their lack of offensive weapons (expect Harvin to be hurt by now), we can actually shut them down. It would be a pure Chargers move to pull of this victory and then...

Week 3 Chargers 17 Bills 20

Yep, just like that we lose to Buffalo. Once again, very "Chargers" of us. Beat Seattle, then a week later lose to a weak opponent. It's just the beautiful parody that makes the NFL special.

Week 4- Chargers 35 Jaguars 14

For the record, I do believe Jacksonville will be improved next year. But for some reason, we always seem to give them a nice ass-whooping, especially after a loss. I expect no different this year.

Week 5 - Chargers 21 Jets 17

The Jets will play tough, but at home, against a weak QB (Vick or Geno), I can see a victory here.

Week 6 - Chargers 15 Raiders 14

For some reason, it seems like these games in Oakland always end up strangely disappointing, yet victorious. So yes, Nick Novak will kick us to victory in a game where Rivers will uncharacteristically look terrible.

Week 7 - Chargers 24 Chiefs 21

Another close division game, but same old song and dance. KC will give us a good scare, but we'll find a way to win it, even it we aren't supposed to

Week 8 - Chargers 20 Broncos 27

It will be a typical "This will be a 38-35 shootout" hyped game that ends up being more defensive minded, but in Denver, on a short week. Not this year.

Week 9 - Chargers 23 Dolphins 13 - Another "not this year"; we should have beaten them in Miami last year, and I fully expect a revenge game this year. A nice bounce back

Bye Week - 6-3 isn't too bad heading into the bye

Week 11 - Chargers 28 Raiders 27 - Another typical Chargers game. With a bye, at home, we'll expect a blowout. But the Raiders will give us a good scare, until Rivers leads a comeback in the second half.

Week 12- Chargers 20 Rams 10

The Rams offense is still just anemic, but that defense is tough. Home field will be the key here, as we churn out a tough victory

Week 13- Chargers 20 Ravens 23

The Ravens at home will take care of business, and panic will begin to spread as our tough stretch begins. However...

Week 14- Chargers 24 Patriots 20

A nice bounce back at home against Tommy terrific. If this was in Foxboro I'd be terrified. Instead, I'm fairly confident

Week 15- Chargers 30 Broncos 26

Can't see either team sweeping the other one, they know each other too well, and hate each other too much. Chargers get the W.

Week 16- Chargers 17 49ers 35

In San Fran, this will be demoralizing. For the record, realistically I expect San Fran to win it all this year. This will be a statement win for them.

Week 17 - Chargers 38 Chiefs 21

But the Chargers won't roll over easily, and will instead get a statement win of their own, in KC.

Final record 11-5, and another wild card trip. Not bad for a team in it's 2nd year of a "rebuild".

Let me know what you guys think.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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