Fantasy Football Friday: Position Projections - QB

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Taking an (early) look at how the San Diego Chargers QBs might perform for fantasy owners next season, including a bold Brad Sorensen projection.

Today's post is going to have to be pretty short, and thankfully, we shouldn't see more than one Quarterback in the regular season (unless the other one is just handing the ball off and kneeling to end the game).

Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers was fantastic last season. Look for him to do even better this year, as he'll be more comfortable with the system, and I'm pretty sure Tom Telesco (kid dynamite) is looking at adding another dynamic receiver either in the middle rounds of the draft, or someone cheap through free agency. If Malcom Floyd can come back, he will give Rivers a deep target, because lets be honest, there aren't too many guys with jump ball hands as good as Floyd. Malcom and Keenan will be two great receivers next year, but Tom Telesco is going to be looking for someone to take over for Floyd as a fresh set of legs.

Season Projections: 4500 yds, 37 TD's, 11 INT, 1 FUM.

Fantasy Projection: High QB1 - Drafted in the 3-4 rounds

I'm also calling that he's going to rush one in. He moved around a bit more this year, and had his career long rushing attempt. I can't remember what it was off the top of my head, but it was something like 19 yards.

Charlie Whitehurst

I truly believe Charlie will be a cap casualty later in the preseason. Fans will see that Brad Sorenson outplays him, and Tom Telesco and Mike McCoy will cut him to save a bit of money, and because we have a better, younger, and hungrier option on the bench waiting for his shot. Charlie will probably get picked up somewhere as a backup, but the Chargers no longer need him.

Fantasy Projection: Irrelevant

Brad Sorensen

Bold prediction: He will play 20 plays this season, and throw a few passes too! Brad Sorenson is a talented kid, and will win the backup spot early in training camp. He will play well once again in the preseason, and fans will remember him and love him, just like last season.

He will not have a purpose in fantasy football, so leave him on waivers.

Projections: 2/4 passing 15 yds. 5 rushes, 2 yds

Fantasy Projection: Irrelevant

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