DEBATE: Voting Chargers to NFL Network's Top 100

Before the start of every football season the NFL Network opens a vote for coaches and players to create a list of the top 100 players from the previous season. Sometimes the players who make an apperance on the list can be controversial, but in the end it's all fun and games. Even our own Antonio Gates appears to be very competitive on the NFL Network's list as he wants to be known and respected as one of the best players in the game. "I want to prove that I'm still the guy at this position, still the guy who can dominate this position, still the No.1 tight end in the NFL," Gates told USA TODAY Sports this week. "I've come in with a chip on my shoulder. I've heard things people said, talking about other players at this position. But to discredit what I can do, I take it personally." Understandable Gates, you still are on of the best in my eyes, and a future hall of famer. The thing about the NFL Network's Top 100 list, not every deserving player will make their way on the list. Its more of popularity contest than career wise, than a statistical contest from the previous season. We fans can hate and appreciate that, only 3 of our Chargers have made the list since it began.

-Philip Rivers (2 appearances) 2011, 2012

-Antonio Gates (2 appearances) 2011, 2013

-Dwight Freeney (3 appearances) 2011, 2012, 2013

Now we all know that there should be more Chargers on the list! Names like Eric Weddle who have been to 2 Pro Bowls but not once made the top 100. So in your eyes, who deserves to be on the list? If you were an NFL coach or player what Chargers would you 100% vote for to be represented as one of the best in the league for the 2014 list.

Ill provide 2013 stats for the Chargers who made a major impact this past season, enjoy.


(*) = Postseason Included

Philip Rivers (QB) (2013 Pro Bowl)

Completions: 408 * (career high)

Completion %: 68.5 (career high)

Longest Comp: 60 yards

Yards: 4,823 *

Yards/Attempt: 8.2

AVG/G: 279.9

20+ Completions: 65 *

40+ Completions: 7 *

Touchdowns: 35 *

Interceptions: 11

Rating: 105.5 (career high)

Ryan Mathews (RB)

Attempts: 303 * (career high)

Yards: 1,303 * (career high)

Longest: 51

Avg: 4.4

YDS/G: 78.5 (career high)

Touchdowns: 6

1st Downs: 54

Fumbles: 2 (career low)

20+ runs: 7

40+ runs: 2

Receptions: 26

Yards: 189

Touchdowns: 1

Keenan Allen (WR) (Rookie)

Catches: 78 *

Yards: 1,209 *

Longest: 49 *

Avg: 14.7

YDS/G: 69.7

Touchdowns: 10 *

1st Downs: 62 *

20+ Receptions: 18 *

40+ Receptions: 2 *

Antonio Gates (TE)

Catches: 80 *

Yards: 887 *

Longest: 56

Avg: 11.3

YDS/G: 54.5

Touchdowns: 4

!st Downs: 49

20+ Receptions: 11

40+ Receptions: 1

Nick Hardwick (C)

Starts: 17 *

D.J Fluker (RT/LT/G)

Starts: 16*

Body Slammed Raider's rookie SIo Moore...... You remember

Eric Weddle (FS/LB) (2013 Pro Bowl)

Tackles: 126 *

Sacks: 1

Interceptions: 2

Pass Deflections: 11

Forced Fumbles: 1

Fumble Recovery: 2

Donald Butler (ILB)

Tackles: 102 *

Sacks: 1

Interceptions: 2 *

Pass Deflections: 7 *

Forced Fumbles: 2 *

Fumble Recovery: 1

Corey Liuget (DE/DT)

Tackles: 52 *

Sacks: 6.5 *

Pass Deflections: 2

Forced Fumbles: 1

Fumble Recovery: 1

Dwight Freeney ? (DE/OLB)

Tackles: 2

Sacks: 1

Is Freeney still considered one of the best past rushers in the NFL? Sure he was out the whole season but it wasn't too long ago when he was placed in the top 10 and 20 on back to back Top 100 lists. Maybe he has one more good pro bowl season left in him. When he's healthy he is our best past rusher.

There you have it, 9 Chargers viable for consideration to get on the 2014 top 100 list. Hopefully you agree, if not comment below and give name the Chargers you think deserve, or don't deserve to be on the list.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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