Why Telesco's 2014 Class Will Top His 2013 Class

For those of you who are excited about the draft coming up May 8th, you can start to get a little more ramped up and a little less nervous. Why? The answer is simple, "believe". This is the one word the 2013 Chargers organization put on display on and off the field on Sundays. It all started by the help from Tom Telesco, who single handedly brought this team up from our graveyard. McCoy and our chargers believed in the man upstairs that we would do great things, this past season we did. Getting back to the playoffs was the number one goal.

Now I believe without the 2013 draft class there would be no playoffs, where would we be drafting in this years slot if we had no Keenan Allen catching touchdowns and moving the chains? Where would Rivers be if he had Jeromy Clary blocking his right end side instead of the big man Fluker? We have a forgotten Steve Williams who will man the now all important slot corner position with his instincts and 4.3 speed. And don't forget how well Manti Te'O played down the stretch. while playing with a fractured foot the whole season. Him and the Butler will do great things in 2014.

The question now is whether or not Telesco can pull of the draft magic again. I believe he can because the draft is loaded with young potential filled players who will fall to lower rounds. This is where Telesco can pull another if not better "No!..Yesss!" Draft then last years.

I have made a mock draft by compiling information on draft prospects that had interviews with the Chargers. Choosing positions of need and value is key which is how Telesco's draft style is, enjoy.

With the 25th pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the San Diego super Chargers select...

Round 1:

• Louis Nix III * NT

(Notre Dame) 6'3 335


The Chargers simply can't go into the season with Sean Lissemore as their starting NT, he's good but not that good, and Nix with his size, strength, shiftiness and versatility will be great in Pagano's hyprid front. Nix can take on multiple blockers and dominate man blocking schemes at times. (Cam Thomas never did such a task) I'm sure Donald and Manti wouldn't mind as they will have holes to run through and cause relentless havoc.

Comparison: (Jamal Williams)

Round 2:

• Kyle Van Noy * OLB

(BYU) 6'3 245


There where times in 2013 where the Chargers defesne could not get much pressure when Ingram and Johnson were resting. Larry English and Freeney aren't going to be around for more then another year so we need another OLB for productive depth reasons. Van Noy can put imense amount of pressure on the O-Lines and quarterbacks with his sheer agility, speed and fistyness. This kid can flat out can play ball, he'll also man cover tight ends. Julius Thomas and Gronkowski are on the schedule so we'll need some help.

Comparison: (Willie McGinnest)

Round 3:

• Stanley Jean-Baptiste * CB

(Nebraska) 6'3 220


Finally a cornerback selected to help the Chargers below average pass defense. I remember, you remember, and Telesco remembers our cornerbacks getting manhandled by recievers with great size and speed week in and week out. This 6'3 corner with 4.5 speed has the potential to lock down bigger and faster recievers in our conference. Just watch the tape, even when he's beat his length and awareness wins his battles. Plus he's a ball hawk....

Comparison: (Brandon Browner)

Round 4:

• Kelcy Quarles * DE/DT

(South Carolina) 6'4 300


He's a younger Corey Liuget in a Kendall Reyes body. Fast and physical who can push the pocket with power and at the last second have a counter rush move to get to the quarterback. He really should be a 3rd round pick but most have him falling to the 4th where the Chargers can scoop him up for depth in the trenches. We all know how Seattle won the super bowl, long cover corners, fast physical linebackers, and a talented fresh defensive line rotation.

Comparison: (Kendall Liuget)

Round 5:

• Ronald Powell * OLB

(Florida) 6'4 245


Aright your probably thinking why another OLB, answer is Freeney is gone after this year, Johnson is getting old and banged up, Tourek had one good play, Kieser might be trouble, and English....well is just French, can't understand it. After a couple years we'll have Ingram, Van Noy and Powell getting after offenses with pure athletisism and speed. That is the new day and age of the NFl let's face it.

Comparison: (Bruce Irvin)

Round 6:

• Aaron Colvin

(Oklahoma) 6'0 180


If Shareece Wright, Williams and Jean-Baptiste our 3rd round choice pans out then great we have a solid group of corners finally. But all good defenses have about 4 good cover corners. Especially with all these 4 to 5 receiver sets out there, one bad backup can hurt us. So Telesco will take a low risk high reward type player. Should've been a first rounder had he not gotten injured.

Comparison: (Keenan Lewis)

Round 7:

• John Brown * WR

(Pitt. State) 5'10 180


By now this seems like a defensive mock draft only and that's exactly what it is, until now. Telesco finally drafts his pure speed threat player he has been talking about this off-season. Brown a shifty speed vertical threat with 4.3 speed, is all our offense needs. He can literally take the top off any cornerback except against Quentin Jammer of course. Brown has DeSean Jackson ability's which is scary, plus he can fill both return man spots.

Comparison: (Marquise Goodwin)

That wraps up the 2014 Chargers draft and it looks like a very solid capable scenario for SD in May. Overall these picks will improve our defense with potentially 2 starters and great depth. These players have intriguing value, size, length and speed that we didn't have last season. We already have a solid O-Line group, a 3, headed monster running game, and hopefully Floyd and Brown can contribute. If Alexander finds his way back during the mid point season mark we will be a scary scary team to face in the post season. Buckle up, I'm ready to go and I believe in Tom.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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