Dontrelle Inman

I think we are all aware of our gaping hole at #2 WR. Vincent Brown can't run routes, Royal is more suited for the slot, and Malcom Floyd may never play again. Inman, signed to a futures contract in January has me intrigued. While many think he is nothing more than a number 5 option, I thought I'd dig deeper. After watching his higlights video I thought I'd post my very first FanPost and breakdown some of his attributes. I apologize for the lack of GIFs, the only tape I could find on Inman was his highlights video on YouTube. Here goes...

Dontrelle Inman Highlights

I would suggest to keep this YouTube link open while reading my post, as I will mention specific times for you to watch.

Winning at the LOS

In the CFL, receivers are allowed to run up to the line of scrimmage prior to the snap, something that will award your team a false start penalty in the NFL. With the Argonauts, Inman was often getting 3 or more steps of sprinting behind the LOS ahead of the corner guarding him. At 1:40 in the video, you'll see Inman, facing off coverage, gets 3 steps before the corner moves, a luxury he will not be awarded in the NFL. He also rarely faced press, so seeing more press man looks in the NFL could mess up his route running. However, considering how rarely we saw him face against those looks, we can't know for certain how physical he is at the line of scrimmage. This skill is something we will have to assume he doesn't have at this moment (though it can be coached).


Inman does appear to have solid hands. Although we are only seeing his 'highlights', he appears to contest every jump ball, and had quite a few toe tappers. Taking a note from KP's book, we often see him catch the ball away from his body, a good sign. At 0:43, we see the QB lob one, and Inman goes up with his arms extended, catches away from his body and pulls it towards his chest once controlled. The catch at 1:10 shows his control, as he catches and tip toes OB. His size (6'3, 200) lets him contest for the jump balls we know PR loves/loved to toss.

Deep Ball

Most of Inman's routes shown in the video were deep passes. This is where I think Dontrelle would contribute in our offense. We all know how we lacked a consistent deep threat last year, and Inman excels there. At 1:34, Inman runs a go route right by the corner for a solid 30 yard gain. Coupled with his monster YAC efforts ( just watch 5:00, he isn't a burner but has fantastic open field vision), he can be a great deep ball threat for us.

Route Running

Inman is no Keenan Allen, but he can run routes effectively. At 5:16, Inman is running a curl. At the top of his route he doesn't waste steps, but thrusts his plant foot forward turning the corner's hips, then turns for the ball. Solid route running, However, at other times like 0:53, he takes several unnecessary steps at the top of his route, yet still beats the defender. In the pros, those wasted steps will give a corner time to jump the route or stick with the receiver, rendering him useless for those plays. Fortunately, this is coach-able, and with KA and Gates, he should have a wealth of route running knowledge to draw from.

Overall, Inman seems a little raw, but has the physical tools and hands to succeed. We will just have to wait and see come September how McCoy feels about him. He probably won't be the #2 guy we need, but he could be. I'd love to hear you feedback about my post and Inman in the comments!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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