San Diego Chargers Daily Links: March 10, 2014

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

JVM: San Diego Chargers - Scott Hanson
Not sure why Clary ever had such a contract to begin with. He had yet another rough season, this time serving as the starting right guard after a career at tackle. Clary did an adequate job in pass protection, but he was dominated quite regularly as a run blocker. His -19.8 run block grade was third worst among NFL guards last season.

NFL free agent tracker, 2014: Follow all the moves from around the league - Ryan Van Bibber
It's that time of year when NFL teams go shopping. Follow all the moves, big ones and little ones, from around the league with SB Nation's NFL free agency tracker.

NFL free agency 2014: Negotiating window rules, schedule and more - Louis Bien
The 2014 negotiating window is about to open. The three-day period prior to the start of free agency is meant to curb tampering, but does it work? Here are the ground rules.

The 100% real and final guide to NFL Free Agency - PFT Commenter
Chances are if your reading this, your a idiot who doesn't know anything about football players or how to make a good football decision. No offence, its just that most "casual fans" (might as well be a "casual" breather) dont know there butthole from a foxhole much less which players they would want to be in it once the battle starts out there on the gridiron.

The NFL's Best GMs - Patrick Daugherty
Telesco didn’t undertake a Keim-style overhaul his first year on the job so much as get his ducks in a row. He hired the right coach, who in turn hired the right offensive coordinator, who in turn helped revive the right franchise quarterback. There was nothing particularly dramatic about it, though Telesco made arguably the best pick of the draft, snatching No. 1 receiver Keenan Allen at No. 76 overall. Of course, Telesco also handed CB Derek Cox one of the worst deals of free agency, and watched second-rounder Manti Te’o turn in 538 lousy snaps.

GM for a Day: San Diego Chargers - Mike Tanier
If we cannot make heads or tails of the Chargers 2013 success, how can we build upon it? One thing is certain: The Chargers defense was one of the worst in the NFL, and it needs serious upgrades. As GM for a Day, we will do whatever we can to improve the defense of a team with few on-campus blue chips, little cap space and a late draft slot. The defensive rebuild can keep the Chargers in the wild-card hunt and prepare the Chargers for life after Rivers and Gates, though it is no longer clear exactly when that life will begin.

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