Chargers mock draft + Free Agency

1st round: Louis Nix III NT Notre Dame

We need a NT, a premier nose tackle, he will fill that void

2nd rd: Jarvis Landry WR LSU

This is a very deep class in the WR position. Guys like Beckham, Benjamin, Lee, Watkins, Robinson will be gone. I think Landry will fall to us and we can take advantage.

3rd round: Stanley Jean Baptiste CB Nebraska

A lot of hype haw been made because of how hard he hits, but he hasn't really proven that he can be a good all around CB. Until then, he is still a 3rd round talent in my board.

4th round: Charles Sims RB WVU

You want an NFL back, look no further than Sims. A lot of the other big names have their specialty that makes them "unique", although Sims doesn't not excel in anyone category. He is the most well rounded, NFL stylish back. We need him to replace Brown.

5th round: De'Anthony Thomas/ Dri Archer

This one depends on how the interviews go really. If DAT shows that he is a class act and that he doesn't mind getting minimum reps in the offense in more in ST then he is my guy because he is explosive in the open field. If Dri Archer is there and DAT shows signs of immaturity, I would go with Dri, he is a better person.

6th round: Aaron Lynch

We need an OLB, Aaron Lynch could transition into that position. Lynch was once considered to be a 1st round lock, as he transfered he lost the hype and the production as well. The talent is there though, we just have to draft him. Physical player, fumble producer, we may get the steal of the draft

7th round: Aaron Colvin CB OU

We need to bring competition to the CB position, I think that we will do that with Aaron Colvin. He was your "prototypical" CB, the torn ACL REALLY hurt his draft stock. Now I think that the Chargers could get back to back steals.

7th (SUPP): Colt Lyerla TE Ex- Oregon Athlete

I know that Lyerla has had his off-field issues, but reports say that teams have been impressed with him. I still think that that doesn't change their view about him and think we will go as an UDFA. Gates could mentor him and could put him in line. With Green and Lyerla in the future, we could have a wreckingball of an offense.

Free Agency:

CUT: Jeromy Clary, Eddie Royal, Le'Ron McClain, Restructure Rivers and/or Gates contract. +5 million to spend with the new cap rule.

Sign: Donald Butler 3 yr/14 M. He has proved that he is a beast of an ILB when healthy. He has also had his injuries, I think that they can resign him for that money.

Sign: Chad Rinehard/Rich Ohrberger

Sign: Geoff Schwartz, need an OG.

*Sign: Alex Mack, probably our biggest expense will be him, this is only if Nick Hardwick calls it quits.

*Sign: TJ Ward, sign him and put him as SS, he would be a beast with Weddle.

***Note, it's either Mack OR Ward, not both.

Sign: Anquan Boldin 2 yr/ 18 M. We need another big red zone target for Rivers. Boldin could be that guy that gives us a top5 offense.

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