Mock Draft 1.0

Round 1

Kyle Van Noy, OLB, BYU

First off, because cornerbacks are in such high demand now a days, I don't think there will be any defensive backs really worth the Chargers first round pick. That's why I can see Telesco just picking the best player available. Kyle Van Noy has a high motor, and is probably the best at covering out of all the outside linebackers that are entering the draft. He knows how to drop back into coverage, and hold his zone well. Also, Van Noy is truly amazing at reading plays. On film, I did not once catch him biting on the wrong guy in a read option, or over pursuing on a play action roll out.


As we all know, Jarrett Johnson isn't going to be around forever, so the Chargers need to get the most well balanced guy they can find. As far as his pass rushing abilities, Van Noy is excellent at using a variety of moves like the swim move or the spin move. His use of hands can give him an advantage against big body offensive tackles, and I have seen him have a lot of success on stunts using just pure speed. I can see Noy being the type of guy that wont get a lot of sacks, or even a lot of tackles, but will disrupt multiple plays in a game (see 2013 Dwight Freeney).


The one disadvantage about Kyle Van Noy (in comparison with all of the other edge rushing prospects) is his tackling. He sometimes dives and leaves his feet and fails to have his his hands up quick enough. At times, it will work for him but in the NFL, guys will punish him for that habit. I'm not worried though. That's a coaching thing and can easily be fixed.

Round 2

Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech

If the Chargers are able to get Kyle Fuller in the second round, it will be a true steal. When you look at all the rankings around for the cornerback prospects, many people have this guy going late in the second round or even early in the third. I just don't see that. In my opinion, Kyle Fuller is one of the best corners entering the draft this year. But, because all of the rankings have him after the first round, I'll put him down as the second pick for the Chargers in this years upcoming draft. If I could only use one word to describe Fuller, athletic would be the first thing that comes to mind. This guy can do it all. Fuller's coverage abilities is truly unheard of. His ball skills helps him win almost all of his 1v1 battles.


As you can see, he also does a great job of reading routes and when he fails at that, his speed and athleticism will help him make up the ground. Kyle Fuller is a sure tackler and can play off coverage as well as press. If you don't believe me, then just his tape against Alabama. Every game, he takes the opposing teams number one receiver and holds him to two or three catches a game. Unfortunately, Fuller does have a long list of history with injuries; that's why he didn't participate in the Senior Bowl. But, because the Chargers have no one that's exceptionally fast on the defensive side of the ball, this would be the best option at cornerback for them.

Round 3

Robert Herron, WR, Wyoming

There is a lot of question in the wide receiver position this year being that Malcolm Floyd and Danario Alexander may not return to the team in 2014. The Chargers should invest in a wide receiver early. Robert Herron fits the Chargers offensive scheme very nicely. When I watch him, I think of a Eddie Royal in his prime. Herron is 5'9 and 193 pounds. He feeds off of his speed in his route running and corners are always respecting his deep routes. If the Chargers were to pick this guy up, he would be getting all the screens. Robert Herron can take all the hits you need him to and he'll make people miss at the same time.


In 2013, I never saw a corner playing versus the Chargers worry about the deep ball. The Chargers do not have a speedy wide receiver and that's why Robert Herron fits the bill.

Round 4

Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee

Daniel McCullers will probably be the best option at defensive tackle after the third round. At 6'7 and 348 pounds, McCullers' best quality is eating up space and giving other guys the opportunity to make a play, something that Cam Thomas has proven he can't do. Because of his high motor and awareness, McCullers is always around the play. He's always ready for draws, and does an adequate job of keeping the quarterback from running up the middle. McCullers isn't going to be the next Jamal Williams, but with experience, he could form a nice duo with Sean Lissemore and could be a force in the backfield. If you want a guy that puts in 100% effort every play, Daniel McCullers is the man for the job.

Round 5

Chris Davis, CB, Auburn

I don't think Chris Davis is a good pick because of his ability at corner, but because of the outstanding work he puts in for special teams. Tom Telesco has said it himself that he wants an established return game and Chris Davis would be the best answer for that this late in the draft. Although he has good speed, I like Davis because of his vision and his ability at watching plays in front of him develop. Davis knows how to follow his blocks and take the right lane. I can really see Kevin Spencer being able to have fun with Davis, and help him become great. Chris Davis already has the tangibles, and the experience, now he just needs a team. Not only will he bring more depth at the cornerback position, but the Chargers will finally have a name again in the return game.

Round 6

Storm Johnson, RB, UCF

Storm Johnson is one of those players that you just love watching. Every time he gets a carry, he runs the ball like it's his last time. Johnson has exceptional vision, and always keeps his feet pumping. At 6'0 and 215 pounds, Johnson is no power back, but he can be if you need him to.


Similar to the Chargers, UCF loves to do draws, so Storm Johnson won't be getting himself into anything hes never seen before. When I watch Johnson, I notice one constant in every play. Everything this guys does is quick. Whether it's deciding what hole he wants to hit or when he's going to make his next cut, he's getting the job done quickly. Danny Woodhead is a great example of a quick athlete. Although Ryan Mathews started in all 16 games last season, he was always dinged up. Acquiring a reliable running back is very important this year, because there's a good chance that Mathews will need some rest at some point in the season (like all running backs in the NFL). There is no real part about Johnson's game that I am worried about, but just the fact that he will occasionally drop some passes, or lose his footing.

Round 7

Spencer Long, OG, Nebraska

Honestly, the Chargers could either pick up a guard in the first round or the last. Joe D'Alessandris is the only positional coach on the Chargers that can really develop players exceptionally well, so that's why I think it would be a waste to pick up an O-lineman early in the draft. Before his injury, Spencer Long was looking like one of the best at his position. Then, versus Purdue in the first drive of the game, Long suffered a knee injury that cut his season very short. The Chargers took a "chance" on Keenan Allen with his knee injury, so why wouldn't Long be picked up as well? At 6'4 and 315 pounds, he surely is equipped with the size to be successful. Long has good footwork and can get up-field to block for screens faster then it may look. He doesn't have any problem with pulling on run plays, and I would say his pass protection skills is his strong suit. Again, the real concern here is his knee injury and whether or not he will be able to rehab it properly so only time will tell if this is a good pick or not.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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