Any Frank Reich playing days questions?

From a comment I posted before: When Reich was with the Bills they’d frequently line up with a combo of:

WR – Andre Reed – Quick routes where he could find a place nobody could cover. HOF. See also: Keenan Allen.

WR – James Lofton – Fast dude who could stretch out for a long pass. HOF. See also: Injured Reserve.

WR – Don Beebe – Fast dude who could kind of do everything you’d hope a #3 WR could. Got a SB win in XXXI with the Packers. See also: Injured Reserve.

WR - Steve Tasker – One of the best special teams players of all time. Seyi Ajirotutu reminds me of him occasionally. If he can make that often and still catch passes, awesome.

TE – Keith McKeller – The reason the K-Gun was named such. A TE who could block and had the athleticism to catch passes and create mismatches. See also: At his prime he was similar to Antonio Gates recently. Great player, but not Gates at his prime.

TE – Pete Metzlaars – (You might know this name.) The bigger TE on the team who could find a way to get open way downfield while occasionally blocking and taking up coverage. See also: Green with better blocking skills.

RB – Thurman Thomas – Could shed tackles and catch passes. HOF. See also: Matthews+Brown

RB – Kenny Davis – Small for an NFL RB but could make contact and keep going, great at catching passes, and could pick up the blitz. See also: Woodhead.

Ladarius Green and Danny Woodhead can go vertical, and with DAX/MF/rookie/FA at WR they’d could line up three legit threats to go deep on a play. Maybe one in a while they unleash KA and send him downfield.

I’m leaving out OL because the OL was already pretty solid this year. I was concerned about skill positions until I thought it through.

I grew up in Buffalo and was about 9-13 when he played in the Super Bowls, so I might not be the best authority on the K-Gun offense, but I got to watch it up close. I have no doubt that Reich will do what he can to carry on some of the ideas that worked pretty well for his teams when he has a QB who reminds me of Jim Kelly.

Kelly was a smart guy who had his own rural personality but also a certain charm. People in Buffalo mocked his running style, and said he looked like a Buffalo that was trying not to fumble the football. Does that sound like our Baby Giraffe?

Reich has all kinds of benefits, such as the radio in the helmet that he didn't have when he played. That should just be another reason Rivers should be amazing in his second year with a similar coaching system. Reich probably learned plenty from Whiz, but I have no doubt he can help win important games.

I left out guys who played as part of the system for a few games here and there, but overall that was a core team. I have to feel like this offense has the potential to be great.

I had the fortune of having family members with season tickets which helped, but I got to watch him replace Kelly a few times and Reich didn't have the physicality to be a great NFL QB. He was able to outsmart almost everyone on the field. Look up The Comeback (1/3/93 against the Houston Oilers) if you don't believe it. (My dad got tickets for that game as a late xmas gift for my brother and I.)

So, if you have any questions about Frank Reich I'll see if I can answer them. I had front row seats to a lot of his NFL career, and I couldn't be more excited about the idea of Reich, Rivers, and McCoy together.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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