McCoy needs to play a little Mortal Kombat

He needs to figure out a sweet finishing move.

Before I get going here and the eternal optimists start lambasting me, I am extremely happy this team is on a 5 game winning streak heading into Denver. Something most certainly is going right for a change and we as a fan base should be excited.

That being said, I have a bad taste in my mouth after this win (This could be a result of the 3 month old Velveeta I used to make nacho dip, but I’m not sure). The 3 most head scratching coaching calls in chronological order:

1) The 3 give up run plays after the GB fumble. I cannot for the life of me understand this. At least one pass attempt to try and convert the 1st down should be an easy decision. The downside is an incomplete pass that allows the Bengals to keep a timeout. I would prefer trying to get a 1st down here because with prevent defenses such as they are (and the Chargers’ being worse than most), you are basically conceding a field goal. Scifres almost kicked them out that possibility, but the no rush/soft secondary allowed Dalton, who was on a roll at the time, to move them into field goal range. One timeout may have allowed them to have a chance at a TD, but I’m willing to risk that possibility for being able to run out the 1st half clock.

2) 8:16 4th quarter. 4th and 2 inches from Cin 45. The decision to punt here just screams “I have no testicles!” The football cliché is, “if we can’t get a yard (let alone an inch), we don’t deserve to win.” While this may or may not be true, surely you convert this situation 90ish% of the time. Downside is they have the ball at the minus 46. Upside is at least another 2:00 off the clock and you possibly find yourself in field goal range. When I watched this happen, my Charger fan conditioning was sure this meant the Bengals were going to win. I have seen this movie too many times not to know how it turns out. Turns out Bengals ineptness > than Chargers’ lame-ass decisions. 4th and 3 and you are trying to hit a low probability corner route that is obviously double covered presnap. Thank you Andy.

3) So improbably, they find themselves with the ball still up 2 scores with 4:44 to play. Again, McCoy reverts to the same thinking as in situation #1. Make them use their timeouts and punt it back to them. For the same reason I hated it the first time, I hate it more now. This is 4 minute drill time. This is truly stick a fork in them and they are done time. This is not golly gee I hope we can hold on and maybe, hopefully, god willing steal a win here. With 4 minutes to go and up 2 scores, allowing the offense to seal the win is not too much to ask. Surely there are more aggressive plays that can be called while still minimizing the possibility of an interception. Is there not risk in handing the ball off? If his intention is to make them burn timeouts with 0 risk, why is he not running victory formation and be done with it. Once again, they are bailed out. This time by the defense (Cam Thomas) and GB's butter fingers.

The bottom line and what many of us have suspected watching this year unfold is he is spineless when it comes to partially difficult game management decisions, and I do not see this changing; this is who he is. So far the team is winning in spite of these decisions. This is to McCoy's credit because the good things that are happening can be traced back to how he coaches in other facets, but losing a game because of tentative decision making will happen eventually. For those that would retort with, “well, what would you be saying if Rivers had thrown a pick or had a sack/fumble in any of these situations?” I would be pissed, but not pissed at the decision to be aggressive. Execution and game management decisions are 2 mutually exclusive events. Personally, I would prefer going out swinging then going out with my tail tucked.

Finish Him!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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