3 Reasons why the Broncos winning the super bowl is good for the Chargers


"If we all get together we look tougher!"

Now despite the critics who told me that I suck and I should just quit, I decided that i'd take the noose off of my neck and put the stool aside for a minute and give it another try.

This time i'm adding something my last post didn't include... STRUCTURE!

I'm speaking for all of my fellow Charger fanatics when I say that Peyton Manning is an asshole, and in fact the entire Manning family can go suck an egg, but as a football fan I can tell you that Peyton is one of the greatest to ever play and rivalry bias will get you no where in life if you keep ignoring stuff like that.

But if I could be honest, i'd like to say that the Broncos winning the Super Bowl will benefit the Chargers next season immensely, and by now if you haven't already thrown out several curses at me for that last sentence... you're about to.

  1. The first reason that the Chargers will benefit from a Broncos championship victory is that Peyton will feel as if he has already silenced the critics, and will have nothing left to prove.


"Even if i'm never better than Tom, i'll still always be better than Eli!!"

Now the last name Manning might as well be a fucking swear word in San Diego, with the whole draft controversy with that fairy Eli, and that miraculous 24-0 comeback in San Diego that the other one pulled off in 2012, the Mannings suck...not football wise but... okay well maybe Eli sucks but Peyton surely doesn't and thats a fact.

But to get to the point, if Peyton succeeds against Seattle this weekend, we might see the decline in the career of Papa Johns favorite quarterback. What else is there for the guy to do? He broke every single respectable QB stat there ever was this season and it was because he wanted revenge for last years playoff blunder. I imagine that Peyton woke up the day after that insane Ravens game and walked over to the bathroom mirror and looked at himself and said

"If you don't win the Super Bowl next year, you have to kill yourself!"

What better motivation than that? His wife probably stares at pictures of Brady and his three rings, holding Gisele and their children wondering why her husband can't be as good as him. And thats probably what actually got Peyton so motivated, if your wife wants to bang your biggest rival more than kind of have to go all out right? So I believe that this is Peyton Mannings statement, his middle finger to all of the doubters.

What else can that son of a bitch do? He literally led the number one offense in the history of the NFL this year, shattered records and not even to mention that he turned the Broncos from Tim Tebow a Peyton Manning quality team. Having the satisfaction of winning a Super Bowl under his belt will be enough for Peyton, and what better way to conclude his career while he is on top?

Now this isn't the only reason why its good for the Chargers...

2. The price tags on many players will be more than Elway will want to pay.


"Can we still carpool if I'm on a different team?"

Just like any other team that wins the Super Bowl, the players who feel like they're the best will want to get a better payday, and if you don't believe me, Knowshon Moreno is already going to be off the team next year and i'm loving that fact so much, seeing as how Peyton was only successful because Moreno became the teams number 2 threat and absolutely fucked teams up this year, it's like he took some sort of performance enhancing substance that would allow a player to go beyond their own natural abilities and play like some sort of monster. But since there is no such thing on the face of this Earth that can do that to a person, we can boil it down to the fact that he got those skills from God or some witchcraft like that...since it seems to make more sense for some reason.

With Moreno, one of Denver's biggest offensive weapons, most likely gone from the team next year, it gives the Chargers a much better chance against a Broncos team that already struggles to score against an average Chargers defense. Without their number 2 option to lean on in the run game, Ronnie Hillman and Montee Ball will have to pick up the slack and fill in some pretty big shoes.

Not only will Moreno likely be gone but...

Eric Decker will be an unrestricted free agent in 2014 and is only making 3 million right now and something tells me that Peyton, Tamme and Decker won't be carpooling next year.

Von Miller is about to be on his contract year and will most likely demand lots and lots of money in 2015 so he can smoke ridiculous amounts of weed and possibly find some more of that "God given talent" that Knowshown possesses, so the Broncos will likely have to make many drastic cuts in order to keep their star defensive player on a weak defense that desperately needs help. which leads me to...

3. The Broncos winning the Super Bowl will basically do to the Chargers what happened to the Broncos last year.


"Ryan Mathews did good?"

How perfect of a scenario this is. Peyton Manning was expected in the 2012 season to go down about halfway in the year because of his weak neck vertebrae, and he proved that he still had gas in the tank and he went on to win Comeback Player of the Year, how similar is this to the Chargers?

Well coming into Mike McCoy's rookie season as a coach, Philip Rivers was thought to be a "Lost Cause" and washed up... but all of a sudden El Capitan pulls a fast one on the league and hustles the crap out of opposing NFL defenses this year. It is without a doubt that Philip is going to win Comeback Player of the Year this year, and if he doesn't, i'm going to find the nearest gun store and walk onto the firing range with a blindfold.

Last year the Broncos had the Ravens in the perfect place to end the game until Jacoby Jones caught that hail mary to crush the Broncos Super bowl dreams...but here we are the next year, Denver in the super bowl and Peyton better than ever. Was it because of the embarrassment they had received from the previous year?

The Chargers went on a five game winning streak to end the year and found a groove that many considered they weren't going to be defeated. But starting slowly in their second playoff game they just fell too far behind and led a nice charge down the field followed by a beautiful onside kick, but couldn't stop Manning on 3rd and 17 and went home earlier than they hoped. The Chargers team of fate was just the opposite and seemed to look more like the Chargers team of last year. With an embarrassment like that under their belt, tell me why the Chargers won't come storming back in 2014 to destroy the AFC?

So to make a long story short if theBroncos win the Super Bowl. Philip Rivers is going to lose his shit and wake up the next morning and look into his bathroom mirror and say to himself...

"If you don't win the Super Bowl next year, you have to kill yourself"

and we all know that Philip is too in love with football and having children to kill himself, so things are looking up for the Chargers regardless if the Broncos win...but with a Denver Super Bowl win, the motivation to seek revenge will be astronomical.

Tell me what you think!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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