Lets Rant about the Chargers..Criticism welcome


"the glory days of just handing the ball off and watching L.T. demolish defenses are long behind us now"

Let us all face the cold hard facts.

The Chargers are a laughing stock around the NFL, mostly because of the God-Damned circus clown of a coach referred to as Norv Turner, who inherited a Terrifying AFC powerhouse known as the 2006 San Diego Chargers, and Turned (get it?) them into a frilly girl-scout troop in a matter of seconds. I'm not trying to add to the hilarity in anyway at all, but I do want to get all this out of the way first, like ripping off a band aid or rubbing one out before your girlfriend comes home from work. You just gotta hurry up and get it over with.

I would honestly think that anyone who is a fan of any team outside of the AFC West would consider the Jacksonville Jaguars to be a more respectable team to play on than San Diego. Most of this hate is unwarranted and is incredibly unnecessary, and I can never figure out why so many people hate the freaking Chargers.

I've boiled it down to the fact that either...

  1. Everyone is jealous of our stellar 70 degree "board-shorts and sandals weather" in December
  2. People still think Norv Turner is our coach
  3. OR our lack of Super Bowl victories

So to talk about all of my points, lets start with Number 1. Obviously this is one of the biggest reasons no one likes the Chargers, our city is just so Goddamn beautiful and our weather is so perfect, that the rest of the league just despises us...but then I realized that there are three teams in Miami, as well as two others in California... so that can't be a good reason..lets move on to number 2

Norv honestly looked like he was going to take the team into the spotlight when he took over the helm from Marty, with Vincent Jackson and LaDainian Tomlinson on the same field who would argue that fact? But Norv's biggest mistake was thinking Tomlinson was some sort of magic robot man who can play for thousands of years and not slow down (reference to that awesome Robocop Article). Sadly the glory days of just handing the ball off and watching L.T. demolish defenses are long behind us now, and many Charger fans knew this probably during the 2008 season, L.T. just wasn't the same. Norv milked L.T.'s superstardom until his success on the field died down to about Cleveland Brown starting material. He became too predictable, and with all of the on field success of Tomlinson gone, there was no possible way to keep bombing 50 yard passes to Jackson down the right hash anymore, And without the option of throwing the football for more than half the field, Norv Turner had lost about 75% of his playbook. With no run game to speak of whatsoever, Norv decided that instead of changing it up and adjusting to his new team led by the likes of Mathews, Sproles, Jackson and Rivers.. he would continue to run on 3rd and 8 and pass on 3rd and inches. Not to mention the Andy Reid effect of being oblivious to the obviously inept passing game they possessed. Now don't get me wrong, Rivers skill set never left him and I've been preaching that for years while all my friends called for releasing El Capitan when he was struggling. But lets be real, he couldn't do shit when his offensive line let defensive linemen into Rivers pocket like they were invited by Philip himself.

If I could Sum up the Norv Turner era in gifs ill do it like this









To make a long story short, the Chargers under Norv Turner were being run like they were a freaking team on Madden that kept running the same three plays.

Point number 3

Our Lack of super bowl victories, about a year ago I was considering the official slogan for the Chargers organization should be "We got close once!" seeing as how it seemed like Norv Turner signed a lifetime contract with us or something, but my view on our slogan in the short time that Mike McCoy has taken over has changed significantly.

"Look out for the Lightning" is what I think everyone should start putting on signs at home games, I want that to be our slogan almost as much as I want every single person in Qualcomm to yell "TE'OOOOOO" whenever Manti makes a tackle or does some crazy Te'o shit. Kinda Like this... but Te'o.

Why that slogan? Because everyone needs to Look out for the Lightning, we're on the prowl and hungry for a freaking championship, and to be honest, I'd argue that San Diego is hungrier than any other team in the entire National Football League. Almost like a Lion who has gone two days without food, the Chargers have the same drive to kill its prey right now, and the time has never seemed better for us to begin our climb to the top. Since the preseason, I was calling the Chargers to win the superbowl at work, and everyone was calling me crazy, but once they were in the divisional Round people started to take me a little more seriously. But as soon as the chargers lost, They went right back to talking shit about the Chargers and it pissed me off. One of the biggest things that stuck out to me was that we live in freaking San Diego and half the fans here are Raider fans... maybe the lack of support also constitutes lack of Super Bowls. That is why i'm currently so optimistic right now because in the last month or so, even after the Chargers had lost to Denver, there was probably about 10 times as much Charger bolts on peoples cars, and about five times as many people wearing Charger gear, the fan support is building! And as a loyal Charger fan for my entire 20 years living on Earth, I have never seen so much support from the fans. Whenever I see someone running around San Diego with an old charger jersey (ex: Rodney Harrison, Natrone Means) I love to scream the players name, and no matter what, the other person will turn around and say "hell yeah!" and now as the Chargers begin their rise to fame, i'm seeing a lot more powder blue and Keenan Allen jerseys.

So what im getting at here, is that with a strong fan base we can become the number 1 in the AFC west in a matter of minutes, and after that, Philip will finally hoist that ever elusive Lombardi Trophy over his head and him and Gates can cry together under the blue and yellow confetti falling from the sky!

I want you all to give me your opinions on my little rant here, I know it wasnt exactly structured the best, but it's my first Fanpost, and I plan on writing many more.

Thankyou if youve read this far, and give me some feedback!

    This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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