Wins and Losses for 2013 Chargerw

This is my first fan post so please be kind lol. This post is my prediction of wins/losses with scores and a small description on why I feel that way.

Week 1 - Texans at Chargers. Winner Chargers. Score: 27-21.

Two good defenses go head to head. I was going to give it to the Texans but it looks like Foster will not be back week one. It looks like the majority of the Chargers starters will be there for week one. A stout pass rush with Freeney and Liuget allows mistakes to happen for the Texans offense. JJ Watt records 2 sacks bit cant continuously bring pressure with the double team of Fluker and Phillips.

Week 2. Chargers at Eagles. Winner Eagles. Score 35-24.

The Chargers do well on offense thanks to Ryan Mathews but Rivers struggles a bit. The Eagles running attack of Vick and Mckoy are too much for the Chargers to handle.

Week 3. Chargers at Titans. Winner Chargers. Score 30-17.

The Chargers struggle a bit to contain Chris Johnson but excel in pass defense. Rivers has his way with the Titans defense. Mathews also has a good game.

Week 4. Cowboys at Chargers. Winner Cowboys. Score 27-21.

Chargers play a well fought game but struggle to stop Romo a bit and the Chargers struggle against the Cowboys run and pass defense. The Bolts make the Cowboys run game irrelevant.

Week 5. Chargers at Raiders. Winner Chargers. Score 35-17. The Raiders fail to stop Rivers or Mathews in this game, but Rivers has a better game though the Raiders bring the pass rush. Rivers has adjusted well to the new system and the corners have trouble covering Gates and deadly passes to Woodhead.

Week 6. Colts at Chargers. Winner Chargers. Score 31-21.

Andrew Luck comes in and does decent but everything else goes the Chargers way. Mathews has a huge game and Rivers struggles a bit but only turns the ball over once. No answer for Chargers defense.

Week 7. Chargers at Jaguars. Winner Chargers. Score 24-17.

Jones-Drew rushes for over 100 yards but the Chargers pass defense makes the Jags offense look silly. Mathews does ok but Rivers wins the game.

Week 9. Chargers at Redskins. Winner Redskins. Score 35-24.

RG3 tears up San Diego on the ground and does relatively well th4ough the air. Their pass rush gets to Rivers and they contain Mathews. Rovers exploits the secondary some to get some points on the board.

Week 10. Broncos at Chargers. Winner Broncos. Score 35-21.

Chargers do well coming out of the gate. Mathews does well on the ground but Rivers struggles with pass rush even though he gets some nice points on the board and doesn't turn the ball over more than once. Th3 Chargers defense plays ok against Denver, especially on the ground but with the Chargers weak depth and injuries to have taken toll by now, Denver wins.

Week 11. Chargers at Dolphins. Winner Chargers. Score 31-17.

Dolphins have an improved team but with a struggling Qb the Chargers contain the run game, and mount sacks and interceptions against the Dolphins. The Bolts defense wins this game, Rivers does ok Mathews does ok.

Week 12. Chargers at Chiefs. Winner Chiefs. Score 35-27.

Chargers struggle to contain the Chiefs offense. The Chargers offense plays decent but not as well as the Chiefs. Offensive game to where the Chiefs pull it put in their loud stadium but the Chargers fight and play consistently to keep it close.

Week 13. Chargers at Bengals. Winner Bengals. Score 27-21.

The Bengals consistency throughout the game is too much for the Chargers to handle. The Bengals play consistently good throughout the game while the Chargers struggle to find balance but have a few good plays based on adjustments.

Week 14. Giants at Chargers. Winner Chargers. Score 24-21.

This was a tough one but I give ot to the Chargers at home. Chargers d contains the run game and Manning does good bit not great. Rivers plays good but not great as well. Mathews does really well in the run game and allows the defense to rejuvenate stamina enough for the Bolts to walk away with a win.

Week 15. Chargers at Broncos. Winner Chargers. Score 35-24.

Chargers play with Heart. Chargers are at a 7-6 record while the Broncos are at 11-2. Mike McCoy and Ken Whisenhunt win this with strong play calling and fire. Mathews runs hard and Rivers plays very well. Chargers bring a good pass rush but struggle a bit on protection and run d, still enough for a win.

Week 16. Raiders at Chargers. Winners Chargers. Score 35-14.

Chargers know they have an opportunity to get a wild card and the Raiders have nothing to fight for. A fired up Chargers team at home demolishes the Raiders.

Week 17. Chiefs at Chargers. Winner Chargers. Score 24-21.

This was my hardest game to predict. Both teams sit at 9-7. One makes it to the playoffs while the other doesn't. Rivers has a superb game and Mathews fails. Charles has a good, not great game and Alex Smith does ok. Pagano has done enough with his defense to force mistakes from KC. Chargers win barely.

So 10-6 Chargers is my prediction. This is of the Bolts stay a little healthier then usual but I predict that based on new team doctors and coaches who should put their players in a better position to stay healthy. An injured Charger team cam go from that 10--6 team I predicted into a 6-10 team fast but I think MM is good enough to work around injuries enough to get us 8 wins with injuries even.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Bolts From The Blue community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bolts From The Blue editors or SB Nation.

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